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Submission #846: Sami's NES Star Tropics in 1:05:43.3

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Star Tropics
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Startropics (U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:05:43.3
FrameCount: 236598
Re-record count: 16102
Author's real name: Sami Outinen
Author's nickname: Sami
Submitter: Sami
Submitted at: 2005-10-14 11:20:57
Text last edited at: 2005-10-15 16:29:09
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

I've finally completed this very long TAS. The game is really long, and overworld walking is, to be honest, pretty boring to watch. But on the other hand, the dungeons should be really entertaining to watch! :)

Here are my default weapons explanations:

Yoyo: A powerless weapon that deals only 1 point of damage. It's a good thing it's really fast though.

Shooting Star: You get this in Chapter 3. Deals 2 points of damage and has greater range than the Yoyo, but you need at least 6 hearts to use it.

Super Nova: This is the strongest of the three default weapons. It's only available in the last 2 dungeons, deals 2.5 points of damage and its range is really excellent.

Secondary (limited) weapons explanations:

Torch: Deals 1.5 points of damage. It has the same range as Shooting star. 25 shots per use.

Baseball Bat: The Baseball Bat deals 2 points of damage, but it's range is as low as the Yoyo's. A really slow weapon, but useful when there are lots of enemies around. 30 shots per use.

Bolas: These things are probably the weakest weapon in the game (right down there with the Yoyo), but they have great range. They can be shot all the way across the screen. Deals 1 point of damage. 40 shots per load.

Slingshot: The slingshot deals 2.4 of damage but it doesn't go that far. Only 10 shots per use.

Magic Mirror: The Magic Mirror is used to deflect projectiles thrown at you by enemies back towards the pitcher. 80 shots per use.

Spike Shoes (cleats): These are probably the most useful weapons in the game. They attack everything on screen for decent damage. Deals 2 points of damage. 10 shots per use.

Baseballs (Horse Hides): The Baseballs can only be used on one boss, Broken Joe in Chapter 6. Their range is great, they can hit all the way across the screen. Baseballs are non-effective against other enemies. 40 shots per use.

Shooting Stars (Asterisks): These weapons consist of two stars that are hooked together. If you press B after they are thrown, they will split apart and attack enemies from two different directions, depending on how they are thrown. Deals 2 points of damage. 20 shots per use.

Laser Gun: Deals 2 point of damage and moves extremely fast. 50 shots per use

Super Laser Gun: Very powerful weapon. Deals a massive 3.5 points of damage but doesn't have very good range. 20 shots per use.

Now some notes about the dungeons:

Chapter 1: First dungeon is pretty easy. I pick up the torch and kill a snake and a couple of bats with it. I take a hit by a C-Serpent's fireball and run through the snake without killing it!

Chapter 2: The baseball bat is slow but it's handy rooms where there are 4 Starfishes. The Snowman Doll is a magic item and it's freezes enemies. I use that to freeze Octo and kill it by massive Yoyo beating.

Chapter 3: A very long Chapter, actually the longest. There are five dungeons in chapter 3.

3-1: Monkeys are very easy kill with Bolas.

3-2: The Slingshot can be found in this dungeon. I take damage from first room because it's a lot faster than killing snakes. And the boss, Magma, is not a regular boss because there's no beating at all. I take damage when I'm going to press the last button to save some time.

3-3: The dogs... they're so stuped and very difficult to manipulate. I pause the game in some rooms because i have to use Rod of Sight to make ghosts visible. Boss Maxie... i kill him with the Yoyo. It's faster than killing him with the Bolas.

3-4: The shotest dungeon in the entire game. Nothing intresting here :p

3-5: Pretty simple dungeons that is played through very smoothly.

Chapter 4: Maze inside whale. This Chapter does not have any dungeons.

Chapter 5: In one room I have to use Rod of Sight because there is one invisible ghost there. There are three big rocks in the dungeon. Hitting a rock kills instantly.

Chapter 6: There are 2 dungeons in this Chapter.

6-1: The Magic Anklet makes your clothes orange and allows you to jump twice as far as you normally jump. When you leave the room, the Magic Anklet effect is gone. There is a middle boss in this dungeon, Giant Turboss, and fighting him is almost exactly like fighting Octo. The Spike Shoes are very useful in rooms with many enemies, especially in rooms with many Muumus becuase the floor is made from blocks and it's very slow to jump and kill the Muumus. Boss Borken Joe is very easy. The only way to kill him is to use the Baseballs.

6-2: The Shooting Stars (Asterisks) are very useful in this dungeon. It's a very cool weapon. Middle boss one, Hoodoo Doll, is easily beaten with Shooting Stars. On Middle boss two, Two Hoodoo Dolls, I use the same technique as on the middle boss. I save ten Shooting Stars for the boss. Boss Statues of twin Sumocho are also easy to kill with the Shooting Stars.

Chapter 7: This chapter has 2 dungeons.

7-1: I use a faster route than what Josh The FunkDOC uses ;) I use little luck manipulation on the robots. On Boss Grey Jet-Pack Jumpers I use pretty much the same technique as Josh The FunkDOC did.

7-2: The Laser is faster than the super nova. I use laser on some robots. Middle boss Red Jet-Pack Jumper. I kill that with super laser. Boss Ostroid. I used ten laser and 2 super laser to get Ostroid back in the room. When Ostroid is here i push button and the Ostroid is killed when the floor is gone.

Chapter 8: On the first Zoda, i manipulate luck so he never uses his claw attack ;) When I jump to the block where a Max life pill is, I shoot two lasers to save time because it's slower than to kill only Super Nova. The next thing here is a machine, i destruct that with laser. On the Final boss Zora, the Super Nova is the best weapon to use.

I hope you enjoy this movie!

Special thanks to Randil, he help me write this txt

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