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Submission #856: Sami's NES Star Tropics 2; Zoda's Revenge in 1:01:00.9

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Star Tropics 2; Zoda's Revenge
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Startropics 2 - Zoda's Revenge (U)
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:01:00.9
FrameCount: 219654
Re-record count: 10847
Author's real name: Sami Outinen
Author's nickname: Sami
Submitter: Sami
Submitted at: 2005-10-22 21:13:53
Text last edited at: 2005-10-23 16:30:21
Text last edited by: DeHackEd
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Information about the weapons:

Tink's Axe: A slow weapon. It deals only a one point of damage. It doens't have a very long range.

Cleopatra's Dagger: You will get this weapon in Chapter 3. It deals two points of damage. It is a little faster than Tink's Axe and it has a longer range.

Leonardo's Katana: This weapons is yours in Chapter 6. It deals two and a half points of damage. It is faster and it has a longer range than Cleopatra's Dagger.

Psychic Shockwave: You will get this in Chapter 3. Actually you need this weapon only to open the electric gate in Great Pyramid and to kill some enemies which are immune to other weapons.

Super Psychic Shockwave: More powerful than psychic shockwave but you need five hearts in order to use this. You'll get this in Chapter 5.

Ultra Psychic Shockwave: The most powerful of these three shockwaves. You need 10 hearts in order to use this weapon. You will get access to this weapon in Chapter 8.

Information about the chapters:

Chapter 1 - Intro: What's this!?! The whole chapter is nothing but talking. :p

Chapter 2 - Ice Age: Before I enter the cave there is a snowy place on the way. It may look funny, me not walking straight but there is a reason for this. There are holes in some places and it would take a lot of time to fall in them

Yum Yum's Cave: There has been some progress since Star Tropics 1. You are not limited just to walk front and back but you can also walk sideways. ;) The boss Yum Yum is really easy. I went to kill it from the right side because otherwise I would have killed the Board-pig and in consequence Yum Yum would have started to shoot at me at once. Because I didn't kill the Board-pig, I got to kill the boss in peace.

Chapter 3 - Egypt: Cleopatra gives you Cleopatra's Dagger. You'll get to use Psychic Shockwave for the first time.

Border Pass : Because I can jump sideways, I can cut through some parts. Boss Giant Scorpion. It doesn't move very quickly so it is easy to beat it fast.

Mini Caves 1 & 2 : Easy to complete. No bosses.

Great Pyramid: You'll have to use the Psychic Shockwave to open the elecric gate. I hit the flames and lose energy three times because if you would wait the flame to disappear you would lose a lot of time. I'll have to get the flute in order to get the snakes come out. Boss Monster Mask. The arrows that push you to the door make the battle more difficult. Besides that the boss is rather easy.

Chapter 4 - London: In this chapter I meet Zoda for the first time.

Sewer Part I: Short. Can't say much more :D. Boss Zoda's Creature. At the end of the battle I'll have to jump to the lower platform even though I could kill the boss from the previous platform because otherwise the platform will dissappear before I have time to jump onto it.

Sewer Part II: Rafts are annoying because they are slow and you can't cut through them in any way. Boss Zoda-X. Due to the fact that the floor is full with arrows pointing in different directions I'll have to jump in order not to hit Zoda.

Chapter 5 - Gold Rush: First you'll have to go to the house above you to talk to a man. Otherwise Bob's explosive shop won't be open. You'll get dynamite which you'll have to use to blow a hole to the rock that leads to the Gold Cave from the shop.

Gold Cave Part I: A pretty short tunnel. When Particle man kills it shoots a part of itself in four directions. Boss Boulder Tossing Miner. Throws rocks. A piece of cake.

Gold Cave Part II: Mini Boss Mine Rider. You can't destroy the train completely when it comes from right to left. You'll have to finish it when it comes from left to right on the lower track. Boss Mashing Miner. Really annoying. It was hard to manipulate the rocks and follow the boss at the same time.

Chapter 6 - Italy: Leonardo da Vinci will give you Leonardo's Katana as a reward for saving him. On the way to Eastern Castle you will have to land on an island where there is nothing.

Leo's Basement: WHAT!! no enemies!!. In some rooms there are balls that you'll have to get to a hole in order to open the door. There isn't even a boss here. :p

Eastern Castle: On your way to Tetrad you'll have to fall into a couple of holes because you can't evade them. I manipulated to get the fastest cave possible.

Chapter 7 - Transylvania: Nothing special. The only task is to walk to Dracula's Castle.

Dracula's Castle: Some new enemies. Boss Zoda-Y. The beginning is nothing but hitting until Zoda transforms. It's really irritating to evade the feathers.

Chapter 8 - Camelot: First you'll have to go to King Arthur's castle before you get access to Dragon's Cave. You'll get Ultra Psychic Shockwave here.

Dragon's Cave Part I: I hit all the blades in the rooms where there are arrows on the floor because it saves some time. And before the boss I get four hearts so I don't have to listen to the annoying noice ;). Boss Knight. It's frustrating not being able to kill it fast. You'll have to circle around the room. I tried to kill it as fast as possible.

Dragon's Cave Part II: The Golden Knights are the most annoying enemies in this game. You can hit them only from the back and from sides because of their shields. Boss The Dragon. This boss has a lot of energy. I manipulated it so that it didn't got in the air because it would have taken much time.

Chapter 9 - C-Island: The last chapter.

Cave: This is the same cave as in Star Tropics except there are different enemies. I killed the enemies with Ultra Psychic Shockwave because it's fast. Boss 1 Bone C-Serpent. In this battle I used Ultra Psychic Shockwave because it is fast and it has a long range. I chose the uppermost path because there are no potions to slow you down. Next you will have to fight the previous bosses again. Well I killed them almost the same way I did on the first time expect Yum Yum because it didnä have a Boarg-pig to eat. Boss 2 Zoda-Z. This boss has three different forms. First there is five Zoda Larva creatures. Then Zoda transforms to its normal form and begins first shooting big balls that transform Mike to a Board-pig if you hit them. Otherwise Zoda shoots small balls. I noticed a bug. If I'm close enough and in a right spot, Zoda can't shoot balls (works for some other enemies too). Last there is Zoda's monsterform. I manipulate it so that it doesn't shoot other balls than those which are easy to evade.


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