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Submission #900: MattyXB's GB The Castlevania Adventure in 18:07.18

Console: Game Boy
Game name: The Castlevania Adventure
Game version: (U) [!]
ROM filename: Castlevania Adventure, The (U) [!].gb
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 18:07.18
FrameCount: 65231
Re-record count: 4645
Author's real name: Matthias David
Author's nickname: MattyXB
Submitter: MattyXB
Submitted at: 2005-11-30 02:14:11
Text last edited at: 2012-06-12 18:22:42
Text last edited by: Nach
Download: Download (3215 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Castlevania Adventure, The (U) ! Emulator used: VBA-rerecording-9

I think near all from you have wait for a Castlevania GameBoy run, here it is. I think its a great run and fast. I use some tricks to get faster then normal to some next screens and defeat some enemies faster then normal.

Jump-Whip: A trick which work in many games. When you jump and use a weapon it cost not much time. So when I land I can walk again. Normaly when you use the Whip you must stand some Frames and can't move then. So its faster when you use the Whip in the air. Rope Jumping: A nice trick which help me to complete Stages faster. I found it in the first Stage. When you enter a new screen up, then jump. When the new screen load you will jump up a bit and climb higher at the rope. Now you can jump to the next platform or still climb up at a higher position.

Manipulate Luck: Most by the birds in the first Stage and this was easy. These are anoying enemies. So I sometimes jump, that they fly to high and can't reach me anymore when they came down. Manipulate the bat in the second Stage was very hard and bad. Has work only with one bat and this is the reason why he not attack me, he will hang at the wall.

I test near all Frames by near every Jump, that it looks good. I jump most as earlie as possible, that I reach the next platform with the last point. Most 1 Frame earlier you will fall down and not reach the platform. Only sometimes when enemies in my way I must jump later. Or when I jump on falling platforms I jump as late as possible.

Takes no Damage: Is good, because I get fast the strong whip which shots fireballs. This help me defeat enemies from far away and faster.

Stage 1: The first enemie is bad, because I lose a bit time when I defeat him. But there is no other way, because I can't shot yet. And this is the earliest point where I can hit him. You can't jump over these enemies, I have try it in every Frame. I get the first cross, because it protect me from the next rolling eye. And help me too in the next area a bit. In the last screen I jump to late at the higher platform and it cost some time. But the reason is, that the bird is later so low, that it can't hit me anymore. Have found no other way here.

1. BOSS: Defeat him as fast as possible. First I try to jump at him and use the whip in the air. But then he can reach me with his spear. So here I stand save, can hit him and he can't reach me with his spear and I can defeat him faster without moveing. The shots from my whip will not hit the Boss, so I can't hit him earlier then I do here.

Stage 2: Beginning screen was very hard to run, near every Frame you must push the right button. I see no other way then stand some Frames or the bats will hit me. So it looks bad here. But I try every Frame and many moves nothing else helps. Its hard to manipulate the bats. I have done it to manipulate the one bat, that it will hang on the wall. When I just move without jumping he will hit me. I must shot the shot from the plant enemies, or they will hit me. When you hit the plants at the right Frame you defeat them with only one use from your whip. I go the upper way at the end, because there is an easier enemie which is faster to defeat. The best thing is here as I jump over the hook from the guard and reach the rope at a low point. Then it can't hit me on the backway anymore.

2. BOSS: Easy to defeat. I hit every frog as fast as possible. But it takes so long till they jump out from the holes. This Boss is very bad for a good Speedrun. Not sure if this is possible to manipulate. I have try only to defeat them as fast as possible.

Stage 3: No enemie in the beginning part. So it was easy to record. I must only find the Frames where I must stand, jump or use the whip. The second screw is different to the others. I can't hit it with fireballs. Thats the reason, why I hit it so late in this run. The next part is the way up. Here I am near as fast as possible at all ropes and platforms. Later I am so fast, that I must wait some Frames, or I will fall down when I try to jump. So sometimes when I have enough time I walk on the small platforms. Third part is too with spikes, from the right. But I am to fast, so you never see them here.

3. BOSS: Hard one. I test near every move in every Frame, jump to him or not and walk left or right. This is the result. I hit him as fast as possible I think, and at the end I hit him with the last possible Frame. One Frame longer and I must wait much longer till I can hit him again.

Stage 4: Not much to say in the beginning room. Just maybe that no nightstalker appear as I jump on the first platform. Maybe the reason are the 2 or 3 knights which still follow me, that the screen can't hold so much enemies at the same time. So it was luck that he is gone and I am faster at the rope. One time I jump up over a hook 2 times in one turn. Looks great and was the only way here or I must wait longer at the rope which cost much more time. Later are many spike rooms, which was hard to do. I test every Frame that it looks perfect. Another nice trick can you see near at the end from this Stage. When it goes down I have to wait in the one room with the 2 spikes. So I just flying in the air a bit longer. Work like the Rope Jumping. When you climb down one screen, just push the Jump button and you will jump at the top from the next screen. Look like flying.

4. BOSS: The first part is easy, just stand infront of him and always jump and shot. I hit him 2 times, one with whip and one with fireball. Must only see, that his shots not hit me. So I must wait the last hit a bit longer. The second form is a hard one I have try first differents things. But this is the best what I found out. So I can defeat him and he do near nothing.

Now the hard and secret work from me is finish, done without tell anyone here and I hope all like this run and happy that finally a Castlevania GameBoy game is done.

Nach: Rejected, Phil is working on one which is already faster, and this has some small noticable improvements.

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