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Submission #943: MattyXB's GB Final Fantasy Adventure in 1:33:09.43

Console: Game Boy
Game name: Final Fantasy Adventure
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Final Fantasy Adventure (U) [!].gb
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:33:09.43
FrameCount: 335366
Re-record count: 25033
Author's real name: Matthias David
Author's nickname: MattyXB
Submitter: MattyXB
Submitted at: 2006-01-15 22:47:48
Text last edited at: 2006-06-13 17:45:11
Text last edited by: Nach
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
ROM: Final Fantasy Adventure (U) ! Emulator used: VBA-rerecording-9 Movie Version 3.0

First some words about the game itself and the story. This is for me one of the best games ever. I like it more then Zelda - Link's Awakening for GameBoy. Its a great Action Adventure and you are the hero. Some bad guys want to steal the Mana tree to rule the world and you must do all to save the Mana tree and save the world you are a Gemma Knight.

This was my first speedrun project and my worst in the past. I have already done 2 runs and both were not good enough. The first was very bad, much more like a test run, was no good idea that I submit it at all. The second one was medium, but still not good enough. Now its over with bad runs. After run some other games I know much enough to make a great FFA run too. Near all is tested and Frame perfected in this run. Its still a hard game to run, because so much variables. Which Level is the best, which way. Whats the fastest way to defeat Bosses. So it is maybe possible to complete the game faster, but not much anymore. I have hoped that I can get under 1 hour 30 minutes, but now I think this is impossible when you do a warpless run.

So its now finish the run and my guess was not bad. As someone ask how much can my old run be improved I said maybe 5-10 minutes. Now its a bit over 8 minutes and I am happy that it is so much at all.

Differents to my second run:

  1. Fast as possible message and menu scrolling (only when I manipulate luck I wait some Frames longer, but you will not notice these).
  2. Enter only A as name for both, hero and girl.
  3. Get chest as last possible point (to avoid much menu scrolling).
  4. Found some new ways through some rooms which save some Frames (Ice Cave for example).
  5. Manipulate much more luck.
  6. Lower Level.
  7. Defeat less enemies.
  8. Use near always Frame Advance.
  9. Use most the weapon at the first frame, where the hero too will move the longest way.
  10. No useless hit anymore. Were many in my second run when I can't hit the enemies for a short time, but still attack.
  11. And the most important thing, much faster and more perfected Boss fights.
  12. Faster time, over 8 minutes faster.
  13. Much higher re-record. But you will see the hard work I think.

This time with as fast as possible text scrolling and as fast as possible Boss fights, I hope so. You can finish the game faster, when you get hit from enemies. But I don't like it, because I will show here how you can near pefect play through the game without get hit from all enemies. Often it looks like I get hit, but after I hit the enemies with the sword I can often walk through them without get hit. Later in the game it will not work anymore at all to get hit. Because near every hit will kill you.

A thanks goes to Taflatt, who show me the Glitch which save 2-3 Frames when scroll to the next screen. Taflatt was too the one who show me it get faster. So I start a new run and now try my best in every situation. And another thanks goes to TheAxeMan, I think he showed me a faster Final Boss fight.

Enter only "A" for both names. Looks maybe bad later in the run, that both called just A, but thats not so important I think. A is too a bad name for a hero. ;-) But its the fastes name. The menu scrolling is so bad, that it takes to long to enter a good or real name. It takes always 7 Frames to reach the next letter, and when I not wrong again 4 Frames till I can select this letter (this is how it work in the item and equipment lists).

Manipulate luck much in this run. I get all Items through enemie chest drops. I can too buy them, but the reason is the bad menu scrolling. So I have calculate always the last possible point, when I can get the needed item. This help a bit to avoid the bad menu scrolling. And it looks better in the run, when I get the chest when I want it as just buy all. In my second run I have get all needed items as fast as possible. Now it will save a bit time when I must not scroll to the end from the menu and all is at the top. I manipulate too near every room in this game. Reasons, I want less or more enemies in the next room. Most less, to run faster through the next room. Or the enemies in my way and they take so long to defeat. Later I want more enemies, which I can defeat fast with one or two hits, to Level Up and reach the needed Level for the Lava or Spikes. And much better is the way back from the Bone / Fire Cave. There I manipulate much rooms, that I can defeat always an enemie, when I must too destroy the stones which are in my way. So I Level Up without lose time. When I must freeze some enemies on switches I always too manipulate these rooms. Most one enemie already sit on one switch. This save much time, that I must not push it on this switch.

I use the items as best as possible and switch as less as possible the weapons. As I do it in my second run. So near the end you will see, that I use a new key, because I need 3 in a row. So I must not equip a new one after used already 1 or 2.

I use near all the time Frame Advance. The reason is that I most attack at the first Frame where the hero will to move. Because when I not do it I can lose up to 7 Frames in walking. The hero will always walk to the next half field with an attack. So when I start the attack at the first frame it save some time.

Every Boss fight is faster then in my second run. And this always with a lower Level, so you will see, that all Boss fights are great to watch and I hope they are near as fast as possible. I try much to find the best spot in every fight, but there are so much things that I can't try all. So maybe there exist sometimes a bit faster ways to defeat some Bosses. But you will see too my hard work in these fights. Not so bad as in my second run anymore. Most find the first or best Frame to attack. So I save in all Boss fight 60-1300 frames, or maybe more sometimes. By the later Bosses which I defeat with the Morning Star I try always to hit the Boss 2 times with one use from the Star. This save much time. Only when it will take to long till I can hit him 2 times I hit him only 1 time. Most I have then enough time for that, that I can hit him with the next use 2 times again.

Abuses programming errors. Not much in this run, and maybe you will not see them. I use sometimes a weapon when I enter Caves. To the walk through the next room which save some frames is maybe a programming error. That the hero jumps one field to the needed place.

Some nice programming errors are these:

Work most only when 2 ice field between each other and when they will slide you in other directions I think. I have no idea how it work. And it will not always work. I think the reason are the werewolfs in this room. They scream at the same time as I do it. Worked great by the Zyklop, there I walk complete through him one time. Another Boss where it work great is the Dark Lord, there I have near always do it.

To make the movie a bit more entertainment I defeat 2 Bosses in a more special way.

  1. By Dark Lord I have only attack him at the one line where we beginn. I never move left or right and the Boss too not walk left or right. So I must too walk always through him when I must go back down or up.
  2. One other Boss fight is too different, the first Julius (3 Juliuses). I attack him with full WILL Power and this hold on till the end of this fight. Not sure if this is faster, but it is for sure much more entertainment then just attack him. Was to hard to find the right way to walk and avoid his shots. And hit him often as possible.

Use no warps. As I start the game to run I have think there exist no warps. But I found one myself which save not much time and read about some other warps. I have already calculate so much about the items, that all will be useless when I do a warp run. So I decide for now not to do a Warp run. But I think I will start one later and I hope I can finish it too. I think too, that both runs are great to watch. When someone don't know the game much he will not understand the warps, because all Warps are only possible through glitches and looks strange for someone who don't know this game much. So when I do the warp run I will show 3 warp glitches which save much time and show too some strange errors in the game. Because these will skip too cutscenes and some unbelieveable things will happen. Bad is only, that these warps are all near the beginning from the game, so I must still beat all the harder Stages and Bosses.

There is so much what I can tell about the game and the run, but I think noone will really read it. So I will not write so much about the run itself. I have already write in the board so much that this will enough. Just watch the run and vote for it when you like it.

adelikat Nach seems to have this one covered but I will go ahead and set its status to accepted.

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