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Submission #983: slash_star_dash's GBA X2 - Wolverine's Revenge in 15:34.27

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: X2 - Wolverine's Revenge
Game version: USA
ROM filename: 0955 - X2 - Wolverine's Revenge (UE).gba
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 15:34.27
FrameCount: 56056
Re-record count: 8894
Author's real name: m.t.
Author's nickname: slash_star_dash
Submitter: /*-
Submitted at: 2006-02-22 23:29:30
Text last edited at: 2012-08-31 23:05:14
Text last edited by: Guga
Download: Download (6501 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:


description: eh, i dunno. wolverine's doing something and ends up going against all kinds of baddies from the x-verse; mainly his own enemies. he also enjoys wobbling so much when in a frenzy he gets dizzy.

x-2 wolverine's revenge commentary:

level 1-1 you have to walk until you get the dash power up

level 1-2 jump kicking has less lag and throws the enemy further back than leap slashing.

level 1-3 as well, jump kicking an enemy into a snow wall will break it down automatically

level 1 boss: hellfire thugs

extra slashes here are to power up the berserker rage, which does 1.5 to double damage. and its not powered up as fast as possible... theres a slight delay so the last swipe catches the first boss. the enemy manipulation here is a pain is the @$$! movement, current position, direction facing and buttons pressed seem to attribute to their behavior all at the same time. so getting them all to "come on down" took a little time. strangely enough, i lucked out the first time and killed them all very quickly. oh, and slight delay is to ensure both enemies get the full force of the combo, but sometimes it isnt necessary.

level 2-1 chase sabertooth! but dont let him know you are. wobbling gets abused here. im not going to formally apologize.

level 2-2 jump KICK!

level 2-3 how'dya like wolvies little kicks? hahaha... some of the jumping here is a little ugly, but theres not much i can do. it doesnt waste time. and the damage taken while retrieving the card key wasnt planned, but the time frame of him turning around (which would disable the instant kill stealth attack) is very small. aside from that, theres a damage boost via the cypher.

level 2 sub-boss sabertooth

ok, this may not look pretty, but its very fast compared to trying to not take damage. a few hundred frames faster.

level 2 boss weapon x shivas

manipulating them to use the fire attack (which basically disables any other attacks because of their "thinking" time and berserker rage's massive power) is position change. and they come out at timed intervals, so it cant be helped as well.

level 3-1 STEALTH IS NECESSARY HERE! otherwise, the alarm sounds and the walls go up and you gotta wait. however, after the first part, you're home free. note, i did try SEVERAL times to jump past the last guard and land through the doorway, but it didnt work. theres an invisible barrier thats triggered even if the walls down and you're spotted.

level 3-2 believe it or not, that roof climbing bit at the top is quicker than the run through town and attempting stealth. thats right, stealth should be used here but isnt.

level 3-3 slide gained here. nothing much to say... fairly long.

level 3 boss pyro

the berserker rage used here saved me a BUNCH of time.

level 4-1 you need to collect 5 weapon x discs here, and all are obtained via killing a silver shiva. its not that difficult, but for some reason, after the boss battle, they're fire attacks seem to hit me more often.

level 4-2 the climb. key cards are needed to advance.

level 4-3 mystique's trail. similar to the end of 2-3, you'd normally gain the blue ring to sniff out mystique. the oddest thing here was how useful sliding was for transportation compared to running.

level 4 boss cyphers/hellfire thugs/silver shivas/golden shiva

again, shivas coming out is timed. as well, the golden shiva seems to require you taking out some of the lessers (cyphers and thugs). to beat the level, all enemies must be gone. but the golden shiva is the main attraction because its new... and not very smart... suicide manipulation is always fun (at least in gaming terms), and watching whats suppose to the levels boss just DIVE into the pit is really satisfying. btw, berserker is not used because berserker disables wall climbing.

level 5-1 out of the way is a a power-up which is powerful and useful IS worth it. some jumps are made easier and its just... STRONG. seriously.

level 5-2 you must save the 5 kids. no problem

level 5 boss omega red

using berserker as outright as before is actually slower, so a little jumping around is needed.

level 6-1 ...

level 6-2 sabertooth chase 2. theres a lot of fun in messing with him, especially at the standstills which were the result of HALT! the first time around and that i found charming.

level 6-3 there IS a power-up here... RESTORATION. but it isnt worth it.

level 6 boss golden shivas

now these guys are TOUGH. i take damage, but its quicker than jumping around to avoid them. close to the end, i take some damage from a torso and take out a cypher while doing so... nifty, as the cypher normally explodes and knocks me down.

level 7-1 stealth once more... somewhat. sorry about the wait at the end and midway, but its much faster still... and ill alert enemies ASAP.

level 7-2 obstacle course. wee! suicide.

level 7-3 funny thing. generally, you'll use your power-up almost immediately in the level to pass a previously impassable area. not the case here, as found out via frame advance. which was very funny. however, you'll still need that to beat the last action stage, so yes, it was necessary to get

level 7 boss sabertooth

that was... sad... especially for a repeat boss... shouldnt he be more powerful? oh well...

level 8-1 climb once more... and oh what a climb it is...

level 8-2 last action level. theres a berserker power-up which makes it SO much more powerful that is passed up because the time to get it outweighs its usefulness against magneto. the path to it is rather ridiculous as well. in fact, this level itself seems to want to test you're flexibility overall. that last area especially.

level 8 boss magneto_

not much, eh?

ending what ending? you dont even get a congrats... just unlock superhero (=HARD).

movie making: fun. progressive. etc. no desync problems.

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