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Submission #989: MattyXB's GB Final Fantasy Adventure "warp glitch" in 1:09:03.9

Console: Game Boy
Game name: Final Fantasy Adventure
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Final Fantasy Adventure (U) [!].gb
Branch: warp glitch
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:09:03.9
FrameCount: 248634
Re-record count: 18272
Author's real name: Matthias David
Author's nickname: MattyXB
Submitter: MattyXB
Submitted at: 2006-02-27 19:30:50
Text last edited at: 2011-03-09 20:37:07
Text last edited by: Nahoc
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Final Fantasy Adventure (U) Movie Version 4.0 (Glitch Warp Run) Emulator used: VBA-rerecording-9

The new important Aims for this run:

86732 Frames faster then the warpless run. 24 Minutes and 5 Seconds. Most only through the warps. Maybe some seconds saved for better luck manipulation and luck in the game.

And here the next run from Final Fantasy Adventure. I do a another one, because I found some new informations while doing the 3rd version from the same game. I found myself a warp point, which help not much and is not used, because its slower then another one which warp near to the same point. On some websites I found much more interesting warp points and now I used all usefull ones. All only avaible through Glitches. So I have first finish a clean glitchless run to show how the game should be played. Then I have start this one which contain all usefull Glitches which save much time. This will skip some Bosses, Stages, walking and cutsecenses. And so some errors seems to happen in the game.

I will not cancel my other run, because this here skip much from the game. So both runs are great to watch. And very different I think. Someone would like to see more a complete run so watch the third one which I submit, and some would like to see this Warp run. So vote for this one you like more, or for both. I think the warp run is played a bit more perfect. Better luck manipulation at some places, so I saved some seconds to the other one at some places or Bosses. And sometimes just more luck.

The beginning till I fall down is the same. I have copy the complete beginning from my other run, because this one was perfect and it can't be done faster I think. So the rerecord count would maybe a bit higher, when start without copy the first part. Lich fight is too near a complete copy with some adds. So my rerecord count is again much lower here. But I think the run itself is at some part much better and show some nice new tricks. At least, who is really interested on the rerecord count, when the movie is good enough. ;-)

Here the list from the Important Warps with information and how does they work:

1. Warp from Wendel to Jadd

You must complete Kett's Mansion. Its not possible to leave without rescue the girl. The door to the exit will closed when you get the Chain. And you need the Chain later. You must be in Wendel and go one screen up. Now get up and stop before you reach the next screen through the point, which teleport you to the next room. Walk now up and press fast Select while still go up and before reach the teleport field and Save the game. Now Reset the game and start it at this Savefile. You will appear over the teleport field and can now walk up, where you reach the next town Jadd. Still walk up and you will be warped ouside from the towm Jadd. You must buy no Oil, skip the Silver Cave, Megapede fight, buy no Silver Sword (or Armor), Gaia Cave, the Airship, some cutscenes and much walking. This save over 14.5 minutes. You can now too skip the Chocobo, because the way to him is so long and you not need him anymore at this warp run at the first part. Its much faster to skip him here and go direct into the Medusa Cave. You will still have the girl as friend. A nice glitch can be see, when you enter Medusa Cave. The girl will change into Amanda and stay at the stairs. After talking with Amanda you will have two Amandas in the entrance room. But the second one will be gone, when you reach the next screen. One is now like a person which is in your way, the other is like a friend where you can walk through.

2. Warp from Medusa Cave to Cyklop/Golem Cave

You must get the Ice Spell in the Medusa Cave, because you will need it later. Go one room back from the Ice spell and equip a sword. Use a Crystal to get full Will. Now go onto the 2 Icefields and turn to the right. Press right and use the Sword, that you fly over the screen. Now when you fly back to the left press left and hold it till you walk through the wall. You will land in the other Zyklop Cave, where you will get later the Morning Star. The second part from the Medusa Cave, Medusa fight, Davias Mansion, Davias fight, the Mountain Cave and the Crab fight, some cutscenes and much walking. Saved over 9.5 minutes. So these 2 Warps save together over 24 minutes. But I will lose again some time, because I have a lower Level. So I must Level up later a bit more. The music is now different in this Cave. You still hear the music from the Medusa Cave, normaly it will play a different one in the Zyklob Cave. When you fight against the Zyklob the music will change to normal. You have still have Amanda as friend till you meet the girl again in the Castle after the Chimera fight. Then she will change into the girl and stand an the stairs like the girl before. Another thing which is different, I skip 2 spells (Heal & Mute). So the order is now different and later the nuke spell can choosed 7 Frames faster.

3. Warp from the woods near Wendel to Snowfield

You will need the swimming Chocobo before you do this warp, or you will never every leave this place. Go to the woods where one way goes from left to the right and one way from the left to down. Now cut the left down tree with an axe and just walk to the left. Important, cut only the left down tree or it will not work. You will too land in the Snowfield. Skip no important parts from the game. Only some walking. You will still have Chocobo in the Snowfield and in the Ice Cave. I used Chocobo inside from the Ice Cave sometimes. I think this all together save a bit time. I lose only some Level Ups now, but I am faster with Chocobo.

Some differents to the other run except the Warps are:

I manipulate the luck at the beginning much. The reason I want more enemies to get the 150 gold at my first way to the shop. This saved too some time, because after the Vampire fight the run is 8 seconds faster then my third one. And this with much more fights and Level-Ups. And I want at all much more fights for more Level Ups at the beginning. That I am not to weak later after I warp so much through the game. So at the beginning you see too sometimes that I not scroll through the screens which save 2-3 Frames, or I start walking and will throw back and will lose some Frames again. But the reason is the luck manipulation and I want it, its no error from me. So the needed enemies appear and I get enough money at the beginning.

I found a new trick to defeat some enemies faster. I notice this after I buy the Battle Axe. Normaly the flowers need 2 hit with the sword. But I defeat all with only 1 hit. The reason is not the Will power, because this is low at this time. I hit the flowers at the right Frame. When I hit them earlier or later they will not destroy. So the Will is for sure not the reason at this early point in the game. I have done it too with 2 flowers at the same time. But this must happen at the right frame by both flowers. Sometimes only only one will destroy at a special frame, so I test more frames and found always the right one for both. This help me to save some time, so I must not equip the axe, because the sword is faster. Its too possible to defeat the Lizards with only 2 hits when it normaly takes 3 at this Level. In this fight I have not so much luck as in my second run. I try more Frames, but found no great start, that all Lizard at the right site. So I must turn around one time. But as I say before I manipulate every Lizard hit, that I must hit everyone only two times. Was hard, because after every hit I must test if it is possible or not. You can't see it if you do a critical hit or not. So I must always test it if the Lizard will die with the next hit or not. And sometimes I must wait again for the right Frame then. I later try too to do critical hits when it work. With the sickle I can sometimes hit an enemies two times with one circle. So they are too most defeated with 1 hit. Only some by skelettons it has not work. Maybe there I need a higher Will or I found not the right Frame.

Again I found some nice small glitches. As I arrive in Ketts and as I go into the bed I lay down the sword. Looks nice, or whould you go sleep with a sword in your bed where you can hurt yourself? It work most when you enter doors or stairs. But sometimes I forget it and you will not always see it. Maybe it would too to boring when I do it by every possible point. And sometimes I need a higher Will, so it will destroy a stronger attack. But it will not often looks so great as in Kett's Mansion. One other is already shown in my third run. When the bridge to the waterfall breaks. There I will hang the Star inside the Cave and Amanda is now still on the bridge as it breaks down.

I skip the man in the Marsh Cave. Reason, he talk to much. First when he will join you and Second when you defeat the Hydra. This time it has worked much better with the luck manipulation in this Cave. So I don't need him anymore to shot at the enemies. I am too stronger because of more Level ups, so I think I will defeat the Hydra fast enough. Already by my third run someone mean I should skip him. But he helped me much there.

Why not use the axe in the Marsh Cave where I get my first key? The answer its slower. I first think it will be faster, but as I tried it I wonder me how much slower this was. I test it and I arrive faster at the door when walk around. It takes so long to equip the axe and use it, so its faster just walk around. Its for another reason better, the sickle is stronger. So I must not change it again now when fight against the Hydra.

I destroy wall later with the Star. Why? Because when the exploding from the wall starts, the animation from my weapon will stop and I can faster run through the open wall. When I have not the Star equiped I can sometimes defeat enemies while the wall exploding without lose time. Because when the wall is open I can walk and must not wait till my weapon animation is finish. It will end earlier by this trick.

I used the last mattock in the Ice Cave to save time. Normaly I use the Morning Star. But here it save time. Because when I equip the Star, break the wall I must again equip the Chain after this room. So I equip only the mattock and must not reequip the Chain later. When I would use it earlier it can save maybe too a Crystal. But I have not know this before so I used it at the second part from the Ice Cave where I want to use it before. Maybe it is possible to skip one Crystal and save maybe some little Frames. But again I calculate so much that I will not restart this run or delete so much at this point. You will not notice this little error, so its not usefull to change so much I think. Maybe it would save too a bit time, when I get some mattocks more and do it both times when I need the Chain after the wall break.

One interesting Boss fight is Kraken I think. Normaly he will attack you with his tentacles. You can do what you want, sometimes he can't be manipulated and will attack. And when you have much bad luck he will attack more times in a row without stop. But with much luck and only a bit luck manipulation is was possible that he never do it in this fight. So I save over 3 second to my other run. Most it is not possible and he will attack with his tentacles. But I have much luck and most only wait 2 or 3 times some little frames that he not attack. So more luck then luck manipulation I think. I never think it will be possible. But now you and I can see that near all is possible.

The next Boss Iflyte is too perfect manipulated. And so the fight is 477 Frames faster as in my third run. Sometimes I wait till I attack him, or hit him only 1 time. So he never came down and roll through the screen as ball. So I can hit him later much more often and faster. When he is rolling I can only hit him 1 time and lose too many frames to find a save place.

Mantis Ant came too never down. Save not much, because I can hit him near always with no problem to when he came down. This was just luck and no manipulation. But I think it looks better.

This was the important part. No need to say much more about the other parts, because its near the same as in my other run. When you still have question, ask me. I try to explain everything you want to know.

Nach: Processing

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