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Bizhawk / Atari 2600 Mapper List

This is a list of memory mapper support for the Atari core of BizHawk. All information represents the latest official release unless marked as interim. Interim designates that it is built in the latest SVN revision but not yet released


Complete What it sounds like
Good Thought to be complete
Decent Mostly compatible, but many significant edge cases not tested
Minimal Important games are playable, but emulation is known not to be complete
Broken A failed implementation attempt, games are not playable
Nothing Not implemented
No Rom Unable to find a Rom that uses this, even a test Rom, therefore can not build this mapper

Mapper compatibility does not warrant game compatibility, which may be contingent on other aspects of emulation.
It is just a rough guide for future work.

Mapper Name/Description Support
2IN1 Multicart Complete
4IN1 Multicart Complete
8IN1 Multicart Complete
16IN1 Multicart Complete
32IN1 Multicart Complete
AR Aracdia Super charger Complete
2K Basic Complete
4K Basic Complete
CM Computer add-on Complete
CV Commavid Complete
DPC Pitfall II Complete
F8 Atari 8k Complete
F8SC 8k SC Complete
F6 Atari 16K Complete
F6SC 16K SC Complete
F4 Atari 32K Complete
F4SC 32K SC Complete
E0 Parker Bros. 8k Complete
3F Tigervision 8k Complete
FA CBS RAM Plus 12k Complete
FA2 12k Extended Complete
E7 M-network 16k Complete
F0 Megaboy 64K Complete
UA UA Ltd 8K Complete

Homebrew Mappers

Mapper Name/Description Support
DPC+ Harmony DPC+ Nothing
3F Enhanced Tiger 512K Complete
3E 512K ROM 256k RAM Complete
0840 Econobanking Complete
MC Megacart No Rom
EF 16k Complete
EFSC EF with SC enhancement Complete
FE Auto Bankswitchign Complete
X07 Stella's Stocking Complete
4A50 (no name) Complete
SB Super Banking Complete

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