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Bizhawk / FAQ

Having problems? Read this before asking. Or expect to be pointed to this when you ask.

See also the issue tracker or the Platform-Specific documentation page relevant to your needs.


You computer did not have .NET Framework 4 installed on it and BizHawk requires this framework. The Prereqs installer provided will fix this. You can also get this from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17851 Microsoft

Your computer hardware may not be accurately reporting time. See this article to see if this is your issue. Adding /usepmtimer to your boot.ini may fix this. Refer this on how to add multiple boot configs (do this temporarily in case this line causes a boot failure)

BizHawk is Hawk Biz.

Running Games

This is due to not having the Firmware/BIOS file(s) in the Firmware folder.

You need to dump them from the hardware. They are not legally download able due to being copyrighted.

Crashes And Such

Use config > customize > Store movie working data on disk instead of RAM - This will eliminate most of the possible out of memory errors by simply not using RAM. This option has been well-validated.


Use config > customize > Store movie working data in extended > 1GB Ram - This option is useful on 64bit systems with >=8GB of RAM - `AWE` is employed to access more memory than normal in a 32bit process. As mentioned, this has not yet been well validated and may require admin permissions.

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