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Bizhawk / GB Mapper List

Gambatte core supported mappers This page still mostly TODO


Complete What it sounds like
Good Thought to be complete
Decent Mostly compatible, but many significant edge cases not tested
Minimal Important games are playable, but emulation is known not to be complete
Nothing Not implemented
Junk Who cares about this. Not enough games, or unlicensed junk or no interesting games

Mapper compatibility does not warrant game compatibility, which may be contingent on other aspects of emulation.
It is just a rough guide for future work.

Quantity is based off of a GoodGBx3.14 set. Counts may be slightly inaccurate, as each game is only counted once, and when different dumps\revisions\regions of a game have different mappers, an arbitrary one was chosen.

Mapper Name/Description Support Quantity
00 plain Complete 81
01 MBC1 Complete 830
02 MBC1+RAM Complete 5
03 MBC1+RAM+Battery Complete 139
05 MBC2 Complete
06 MBC2+Battery Complete 63
08 plain+RAM Complete
09 plain+RAM+Battery Complete
0b MM01 No support 1
0c MM01 No support
0d MM01 No support
0f MBC3+Rtc+Battery Complete
10 MBC3+Rtc+RAM+Battery Complete 16
11 MBC3 Complete 1
12 MBC3+RAM Complete
13 MBC3+RAM+Battery Complete 9
15 MBC4 No Support
16 MBC4 No Support
17 MBC4 No Support
19 MBC5 Complete 372
1a MBC5+RAM Complete 1
1b MBC5+RAM+Battery Complete 492
1c MBC5+Rumble Partial (No Rumble) 7
1d MBC5+Rumble+RAM Partial (No Rumble)
1e MBC5+Rumble+RAM+Battery Partial (No Rumble) 10
20 MBC6?? No Support 2
22 MBC7+Tilt?? No Support 2
97 ??? ??? 5
99 ??? ??? 5
ea ??? ??? 1
fc Pocket Camera No support 1
fd Bandai TAMA5 No support 1
fe HuC3 No support 3
ff HuC1 RAM+Battery Good 7

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