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Bizhawk / Known Desyncs

This page is to report desyncs that happened using Bizhawk

Platform Game Region SHA1 emuVersion Core Settings Notes
SNES Test Drive II U 038BAC2A85D323C6E1950344D6BBC86C6173E293 r6808 BSNES Compatibility consistently desyncs especially on the expert tracks
SNES Cyber Spin U 1B6A1B0332A8301CBEC0D6C9171E8FD0BFC0FC57 r6808 BSNES Compatibility consistently desyncs during main race event
GEN World Heroes U 6E177A1D74B0648C0B4AFE311171CF27 r6807 Genplus-gx occasionally desyncs
GEN Jaguar XJ220 ? 1b7c3d7eda0b2cce39deb6f393be423faeb05457 r6914 Genplus-gx desync during main race
N64 Cruis'n USA U AEFE77A5518FE74519908B6CBC97CB81B8570897 r6807 Mupen64Plus CoreType:0 RspType:1 VidPlugin:2 consistently desyncs

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