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Bizhawk / Snes Firmwares

This page is obsolete, please see the Firmwares page

Here are the firmwares used by libsnes, and consequently by bizhawk. You'll need to make sure that they exist in the user-configured snes firmwares directory and are named correctly or else you won't be able to load games which require them.

You can find these roms sitting in silicon on your own carts of your very own. Rip them yourself, you turkey!.

filename hash games
cx4.rom sha256:ae8d4d1961b93421ff00b3caa1d0f0ce7783e749772a3369c36b3dbf0d37ef18 Mega Man X2, X3
dsp1b.rom sha256:d789cb3c36b05c0b23b6c6f23be7aa37c6e78b6ee9ceac8d2d2aa9d8c4d35fa9 Pilotwings, Super Mario Kart
dsp2.rom sha256:03ef4ef26c9f701346708cb5d07847b5203cf1b0818bf2930acd34510ffdd717 Dungeon Master
dsp3.rom sha256:0971b08f396c32e61989d1067dddf8e4b14649d548b2188f7c541b03d7c69e4e SD Gundam GX
dsp4.rom sha256:752d03b2d74441e430b7f713001fa241f8bbcfc1a0d890ed4143f174dbe031da Top Gear 3000
st010.rom sha256:fa9bced838fedea11c6f6ace33d1878024bdd0d02cc9485899d0bdd4015ec24c F1 ROC II: Race of Champions
st011.rom sha256:8b2b3f3f3e6e29f4d21d8bc736b400bc988b7d2214ebee15643f01c1fee2f364 Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi
st018.rom sha256:6df209ab5d2524d1839c038be400ae5eb20dafc14a3771a3239cd9e8acd53806 Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi 2

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