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Things you need

MinGW and MSYS You can find them at http://www.mingw.org/. Look for the Current MSYS and Current MinGW. Everything else can be ignored unless you know what you're doing.
libSDL for MinGW You can find it at http://www.libsdl.org/.
The DirectX 7a headers and libraries for MinGW You can find it at http://alleg.sourceforge.net/index.html
Zlib You can find it at http://www.zlib.net/
Windows API libraries http://www.mingw.org/download.shtml
FCEU source Which I think you should have since you want to compile it! ;)

Things to do

  1. Install MinGW and MSYS.
    • Simply run the EXEs and follow the directions. Install MSYS AFTER MinGW
  2. Install the DirectX 7 headers and libraries and Windows API libraries
    • Simply unzip the archive to C:\MinGW. There will be an include folder and a lib folder. Do NOT extract to C:\MinGW\dx70_mgw. Or you can extract to some folder and copy the include and lib folder over the C:\MinGW directory. You should do the same thing with Windows API libraries.
  3. Install libSDL.
    • Start MSYS and put SDL-devel-1.x.x.mingw.tar.gz in your home directory. The path will be something like c:\msys\1.0\home\|username|
  4. Untar the archive
    • gzip -cd SDL-devel-1.x.x.mingw.tar.gz | tar x
  5. Now build libSDL
    • make install-sdl prefix=/mingw
  6. Install Zlib
    • Stay in MSYS, or reopen it if you closed it. Put the zlib-1.x.x.tar.gz archive in your MSYS home dir.
  7. Untar the archive
    • tar xvfz zlib-1.x.x.tar.gz or for bz2 tar xvfj zlib-1.x.x.tar.bz2
  8. Now change to zlib directory
    • cd zlib-1.x.x
  9. Configure and build zlib
    • ./configure --prefix=/mingw make && make install
  10. Compile fceu
    • Stay in MSYS, or reopen it if you closed it. Extract fceu-0.98.12-blip.src.rar to c:\msys\1.0\home\|username| .
  11. Change to the fceu directory
    • cd fceu-0.98.12-blip.src
  12. Configure the Makefile
    • ./configure --with-nativewin32 or for opengl ./configure --with-nativewin32 --with-opengl
  13. Build the resource file
    • windres -o src/res.o src/drivers/win/res.res
  14. Now make
    • make
  15. Strip the executable to make it small (this is optional)
    • Staying in MSYS, run the strip program.
    • strip -s src/fceu.exe
  16. After being "stripped", I suggest using upx, http://upx.sourceforge.net/, to compress the executable.
    • The program should be in your home directory under c:\msys\1.0\home\|username|\fceu-0.98.26\src\fceu.exe

feos: For the sake of science, I tried compiling this on my Windows. It appears to heavily depend on old libs and compilers, and after solving that, it built a silent program for me. If anyone has success trying it out, please post here or PM me.

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