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The entirety of the general guide applies here, this page will give you specific instructions and tips for using DOS in PCem.

You can use this boot floppy disk or your own.

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Hard drive

After you boot PCem with the boot disk in the floppy drive, eventually you'll be met with an A:> prompt.

Any good boot disk will have FDISK and FORMAT on it.


  • Type "fdisk" into the prompt and hit Enter.
  • Say yes to large disk support.
  • Choose option 1 on the next menu to create a DOS partition
  • Pick option 1 again to make a primary DOS partition.
  • Say yes to using the maximum available space and making it the active partition.

If all goes well, you should see a screen like this:

The drive is now partitioned. Escape out of FDISK and restart PCem like it wants you to.


Now it's time to format.

  • Let the system boot up again and get to the A:> prompt.
  • Type "format c:" and press Enter.
  • You'll get a warning that all data will be lost, but there is no data anyway, so say yes.
  • Give the volume a name (or leave it blank) and hit Enter.

You should see a screen like this once it's finished:

The hard drive is now ready to be used. After you install your game and get libTAS set up, you should be ready to start TASing at this point.


You can press F8 after the POST screen to step through each line in fdconfig.sys and autoexec.bat. Only do this if you know what you're doing, but you can use this to skip loading things like emm386, ctmouse, and/or the CD drivers.

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