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This page is a list of possible open source emulators for adding rerecording tools. The idea is to get information out to potential developers looking to start a rerecording project.

The only requirements for this list are: 1) Open source 2) Not already approved for submission at TASvideos

Rerecording Tools but not yet approved for TASVideos

Emulator Link Platform Why it isn't approved
PCSX2-rr http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2-rr/ Playstation 2 A branch of PCSX2 with rerecording tools. Very experimental and largely untested. Preliminary reports indicate instability with sync.
WINUAE http://www.winuae.net/ Amiga Recording input support but not rerecording. Windows only.

Open source emulators currently without tools

Emulator Link Platform Status
lxdream http://www.lxdream.org/news/ Sega DreamCast ?
nullDC http://code.google.com/p/nulldc/ Sega DreamCast ?
VirtualJaguar http://icculus.org/virtualjaguar/ Atari Jaguar lacks savestates, otherwise good
scummVM http://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/ Adventure PC games multiple game engines, few if any TAS suitable games
Virtual X68000 http://owww.vx68k.org/vx68k/ Sharp X68000 ?
Atari++ http://www.xl-project.com/ Atari 400 and 800, Atari 400XL, 800XL and 130XE, and Atari 5200 GUI & savestates
O2EM http://o2em.sourceforge.net/ Odyssey2 GUI, Savestates
DOSBox http://dosbox.com PC-DOS No savestates[1]
VICE http://www.viceteam.org/ C64(DTV), C128, VIC20, PET, PLUS4, C610 ?

See also: EmulatorResources/Requirements, EmulatorResources/Features, LawsOfTAS

klmz: It might be better if linked to an article (doesn't exist though) on how to implement the required features.

adelikat: Agreed, and I am in process of writing such an article.

[1] There was rerecording version of DosBox (Wiki page | Forum topic), but that emulator does not have stable sync between machines and appears to be dead.

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