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This is the movie file format for yabause-rr.

new / c++ .ymv format specifications

An fm2 variant. Example:
  version 1
  emuVersion 9.9.10
  rerecordCount 1
  cdInfo CD-1/1
  cdItemNum T-2301H
  cdVersion V1.000
  cdDate 08/02/1995
  cdRegion U
  emulateBios 1     //1 if yabause's internal bios emulation is used. if a real bios image is used, 0
  isPal 0           //1 if the console is emulated as PAL
  sh2CoreType 1
  sndCoreType 2
  vidCoreType 2
  cartType 0
  cdRomPath H:      //this will either have a drive letter if a physical
                    //or virtual cd rom drive is used, or the cd image filename
  |0|LRUDSABCXYZWE| //the actual controller data is text based mnemonics

SH2 Core

  #define SH2CORE_INTERPRETER             0

Video Core

  #define VIDCORE_DEFAULT         -1
  #define VIDCORE_DUMMY           0
  #define VIDCORE_OGL   1
  #define VIDCORE_SOFT   2

Core Sound

  #define SNDCORE_DEFAULT -1
  #define SNDCORE_DUMMY   0
  #define SNDCORE_WAV     10 // should really be 1, but I'll probably break people's stuff

Port Specific Sound

  #define SNDCORE_SDL 1
  #define SNDCORE_AL  2


  #define CART_NONE               0
  #define CART_PAR                1
  #define CART_BACKUPRAM4MBIT     2
  #define CART_BACKUPRAM8MBIT     3
  #define CART_BACKUPRAM16MBIT    4
  #define CART_BACKUPRAM32MBIT    5
  #define CART_DRAM8MBIT          6
  #define CART_DRAM32MBIT         7
  #define CART_NETLINK            8
  #define CART_ROM16MBIT          9
  #define CART_JAPMODEM          10

old / pure c .ymv file format specifications - deprecated

  0x000 YMV indicator
  0x004 Emulator Version - 0.9.9
  0x00a CD cdinfo - this and the following are extracted from the cd header
  0x013 CD itemnum
  0x01e CD version
  0x025 CD date
  0x030 CD gamename - internal name of cd
  0x0a1 CD region - the region of the cd
  0x0ac Re-records
  0x0b0 emulatebios - whether yabause bios replacement is used or a real one
  0x0b4 IsPal - whether the emulated system is pal or not
  0x0b8 padding

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