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Fastest Completion

This page aims to keep track of movies that TASVideos considers to have accomplished a legitimate "fastest completion" objective. The legitimacy rules for this objective are the same as for usual "low completion" and "full completion", but otherwise no goal is imposed other than speed.

There is a common tradition to call this objective "any%" for short in casual chatting, but this term is as undescriptive as it is prevalent, so it can't be officially enforced.

Since the amount of movies fulfilling this goal is unavoidably very huge, it'd broken up by platform.

Atari NEC Nintendo SEGA Sony Computers Other devices
Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Atari Lynx
PC-Engine CD
Nintendo DS
Famicom Disk System
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Color
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Game Boy
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Virtual Boy
Game Gear
   • Sega 32X
   • SegaCD
Sega Saturn
Sega Master System
PlayStationApple II
Commodore 64
   • DOOM
Neo Geo Pocket


This objective fulfills the record keeping goal of TASVideos, which is also a goal of the Vault tier. In that regard, the movie rules for this flag are the same as for the Vault-eligible "fastest completion" category.

The list of games eligible for the Vault is broad, though limited. Here are the rules imposed for games. But even for games that can only be accepted to Moons or not at all, as long as the goals of the movie match those of Fastest Completion category, such movies should have a flag.

When flagging a movie in the Moons tier, make sure it is Vault-eligible (with the above clause about game choice) and does not represent a "full completion" goal. Note however, that when "full completion" or "best ending" happens to be the fastest known way to beat the game given the legitimacy restrictions, it should be flagged.

For games with separate modes available from the start, each mode is treated as a separate game, so a movie for each such mode needs a Fastest Completion flag.

Movies using codes are only eligible under certain conditions

Movies with speed/entertainment tradeoffs are eligible for this category if the goal is still "fastest completion", and no goal that principally contradicts it is applied (see the list below)

Movie classes ineligible for this category:

Obsoleted movies and obsoleted fastest completion branches

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