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This page serves as a knowledge base for Mystic Towers (DOS).

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Bomb Glitch

When stepping over a tile or pressing a switch that causes a bomb to drop from the ceiling, bring up the load or save screen just before it touches the ground, and the bomb will not explode on impact but instead lie on the ground. It can then be picked up, but will usually not increase the amount of bombs you have in your inventory.

When done with a bomb trap tile that you step on, and then again stepping on the tile after picking up the fallen bomb, the game will try to spawn another bomb. It will try to convert another item or object in the room (spring, fire place, switch, lever, trap tile, pushable object) into a bomb. It will usually pick the item or object that's in the furthest part of the room: In the picture on the right, object a would get converted next, then b, then c.

When a converted object is picked up, your bomb amount will increase by a seemingly random amount - but when you use a bomb on the generator, your count will drop to 0. Converted treasure gives 254 bombs, apple and meat gives 1, other items may give you 5, 7, 8, 9, 33 or 44 depending what object it is that was converted.

When stepping on the bomb trap tile after the initial fallen bomb was picked up, the game has a tendency to crash. When done in v1.0, the game will crash as soon as you bring up the load or save screen or exit. When done in v1.1, it depends on where the glitch is done, as some rooms have a higher likelihood of crashing the game. Bringing up the load or save screen will not crash the game in this version. If the glitch was going to crash the game, then saving, restarting the game and loading will fix it.

(Link to video)

Door Glitch

Dual door switch glitch

Some switches in the game will cause two doors to open and close, one after each other. Such a switch exists in tower #5 (A5) and #7 (W1), for example. If you press such a switch and bring up the load/save screen or exit just as one door has finished closing or opening, but the other hasn't, then this glitch will occur. The switch will not be functional anymore until the glitch has worn off or after you restart the game.

In case of a switch that opens one door and closes another, if you save after doing this, then restart the game and load, both doors will now be open or closed - the switch will also be functional again.

If you start a new quest cycle, start a practice tower or start watching the demo, then the game will become confused as to which doors it is supposed to open or close. It will start to open and close a lot of doors (even ones that don't really exist) rapidly, until it stops (the glitch wears off).

Win a tower early

In the case explained in b) above, the rapid closing and opening of doors can cause the goal door to open early so you can just walk into the goal and win the tower in 0 minutes. But since this glitch does not work on a loaded savegame, it is useless for a fullgame speedrun.

When winning tower #1 (A1) of a new quest cycle with this glitch, and start the next tower, the glitch will wear off without opening the goal door.

(Link to video)

Memory corruption

In the case explained in b) above, instead of merely opening and closing a bunch of doors, the game may also glitch out completely, causing pixel vomit and huge lag spikes to occur. The game also has a high chance of crashing, sometimes with a runtime error (seen in v1.0 only thus far) or other error message - such as a memory allocation error. A disk error screen may appear (seen in shareware v1.1 only thus far).

Version differences

Version differences are explained at the bottom of this post, although they are not interesting from a speedrunning standpoint.

Cheat Codes

While playing a level, type "BALDRIC" to activate cheat mode. This will reset your score to zero. While holding Left-Shift, you can now type one of the following:

Faster Speed

You can press "+" to increase the game's speed. This can be abused for speedrunning purposes.

Game data


Some ground enemies can be jumped on for 15 damage.

Bomb traps and exploding generators deal 25 damage.

Fireball traps deal 35 damage.

Meta-Power pickups add 20 to each of the values below.

Spell Hit points
Ice 1
Sulfur 2
Venom cloud 4
Fireball 6
Lightning 9


Any given enemy's health can vary. In general, enemy hit points increase as you get higher in the tower, and their hit points will be higher in the wizard towers than the apprentice towers. The health is listed in the table below in the form of ranges.

Enemies will regenerate a hit point approximately every 2 seconds.

Tower Min HP Max HP
A1 12 36
A2 15 40
A3 20 56
A4 24 60
A5 30 80
A6 35 85
W1 21 54
W2 24 60
W3 32 76
W4 36 86
W5 40 95
W6 50 100

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