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Player speed


Weapons can be fired rapidly if the fire button is held down, however, you can mash the fire button every other frame to fire much faster!

Weapon Damage Notes
PAC 4096 Can be enhanced to fire 2 or 4 at a time
ION 8192 Shoots one at a time in a + sequence
RTL 4096 Can be enhanced to fire 2 or 4 at a time. Projectiles move faster than PAC
MAM 16384
SAD 32768
SWT 65536
DAM 65536 Damages everything within a certain radius


These values are for Easy and Normal difficulty. The health is multiplied by 1.5 for Hard, and by 2 for Terminal.

Enemy/target Health
Storage bunker 65536
Shield generator 65536


Enemy/target Health
Radar 99999
Power station 99999
Boss 500000


Enemy/target Health
Floating radar 256000
Boss 200000

Moon Dagger:

Enemy/target Health
Radar, small 16384
Radar, large 100000
Boss, phase 1 128000
Boss, phase 2 256000

Tei Tenga:

Enemy/target Health
Helicopter (grounded) 16384
Dinosaur skull 131072
Boss 900000


Enemy/target Health
Control tower 99999
Sentinel tower 65535
Heat miner 65535
Boss 400000


Enemy/target Health
Boss, phase 1 600000
Boss, phase 2 1200000

Centauri III:

Enemy/target Health
C-Nome 5002
Pyramid (solid) 90002
Pyramid (slotted) 90003
Tower 90003
Boss 800000


Enemy/target Health
Tower 120000
Boss 500000

Proxima Seven:

Enemy/target Health
Arch 40960
Double tower 81920
Boss 512000

Item drops

Certain enemies and buildings have a random chance of dropping a useful item.

World Enemy/target Item Drop chance (%)
Ymir Tank RTL 4
Moon Dagger Rocket MAM 5
Tei Tenga Helicopter (grounded) RTL 5
Ositsho Phoenix fighter FLY 2
Ositsho Quadram RTL 2
Erigone Shriek fighter FLY 5
Erigone Laser turret RTL 1
Centauri III Pyramid (solid) DAM 2
Proxima Seven Transport ship Random 10
Proxima Seven Unknown[1] MAM 10

[1] Only in the data for 9-1. The object doesn't appear anywhere on the map but may spawn in tunnels. It's some kind of flying enemy.

Objective skipping

If a tunnel is part of the list of objectives, you can go straight to it to skip any previous objectives.

Ymir 2 bonus tunnel

There is an optional tunnel in 1-2 that contains 9 afterburner bonuses and regenerates each time you enter it. It's worth traveling through this several times to gather enough afterburner for the entire run.

Level maps

Here is a collection of maps with the intended order of events and relevant powerups marked. (Done, may add more items of interest if needed)


There is a level editor available. You need an older version of Windows to open it, Windows 3.1 in DOSBox works fine. Get it on this page: https://legacy.3drealms.com/tv/index.html Open DISK.POD or CDROM.POD with it.

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