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This page lists all known tricks for Battle Chess.

For submissions of Battle Chess on this site, see GameResources/NES/BattleChess/Submissions.

Take back glitches

Switch-move glitch.

The game stores a maximum of three moves per side in memory for take-back purposes. When take back is selected, the game goes back two moves (one from each side) so it doesn't have to switch the current player. However, if there is only one move remaining in memory, the game takes back that one move, and gives the turn to the other player!

This has consequences, such as:

  • Allowing Black to move first from the starting position (or from any set-up position), once White's first move is taken back.

  • Allowing any desired player to move consecutively, by going three moves ahead, then taking back moves.

If the switch-move glitch is performed after a king has been checked, the position becomes unplayable and no moves can be made. If a CPU is to move, the game is frozen.

Pawn promotion glitch

If a pawn moves without capturing to promote, and the move is taken back, the pawn is now glitched. It can only move and capture towards the left (towards the a-file for both players) and cannot move from the leftmost file. If a checkmate is delivered with this pawn, the pawn does not take the king and the game is completely frozen.

If a pawn captures to promote, and the move is taken back, the pawn becomes a queen instead.

Other glitches

A position cannot be made in set-up mode if White or Black is stalemated if it is his turn to move, regardless of whoever actually moves in that position.

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