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In an apocalyptic future, the United States of America are now known as Donald Land thanks to a particularly egocentric bill passed by President Trump lobbying by the increasingly more powerful and influential McDonald's food chain. Following that, RDonald McDonald now proceeds to conquer the world by using the powers of reality bending and throwing apple cheeseburgers.


press right for justice


apple jump

I don't think momentum is supposed to work this way

BREAKING NEWS: McDonald's buys Apple

Announcing the new Big iMac!

McWrap Chicken & Bacon

This is the canonical name of the screen wrapping, but it is a McDonalds game so


this is mcdonalds, there is no such thing as life


The returning classic trick from Metal Force and Zook Man ZX4.

When using this trick, avoid the pattern table or else


Probably a certainty, although McDonalds may have successfully lobbied for tax cuts.

That moment when you're in TAStudio and finally figure out how branches work


Actual image of start of contest

Why it's a nightmare

(i'm lovin' it)

Why not spend two nineteen hours of your time, so your team falls behind

(i'm lovin' it)

Sequel game


Easter egg in Super Donald Land 3

In the last E3 it was revealed that every time you beat a level in Super Donald Land 3 with the timer having 0 as the last digit, you get a special ending making reference to the first game.
Note: Super Donald Land 3 is a highly antecipated game for NES, announced after massive popular demand. The game will be released on April 2nd, 2020.

(Link to video)

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