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The purpose of this page is not to document all tricks for The Legend of Zelda: Outlands. The Legend of Zelda: Outlands is a hack made by GameMakr24 of the original Legend of Zelda game, and all tricks for this game engine can be found at the Legend of Zelda Tricks page.

This page offers detailed maps of the overworlds and levels of both the first and second quest for The Legend of Zelda: Outlands, useful for routeplanning.


First quest

Second quest

The levels of the second quest spell out OUTLANDSC, so level 1 is level O. Level 2 is level U, etc.
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2World.png Quest 2, Overworld
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L1O.png Quest 2, Level 1,O
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L2U.png Quest 2, Level 2,U
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L3T.png Quest 2, Level 3,T
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L4L.png Quest 2, Level 4,L
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L5A.png Quest 2, Level 5,A
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L6N.png Quest 2, Level 6,N
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L7D.png Quest 2, Level 7,D
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L8S.png Quest 2, Level 8,S
http://tasvideos.org/images/outlands/Q2L9C.png Quest 2, Level 9,C

We would like to thank Dacicus for making these detailed maps.

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