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These are various stategies discovered for the opponent Don Flamenco 1. While some of these strats maybe doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner. These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

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TAS Strat No CS

This is strat used in the published TAS. It does not use the clock stopping glitch. Phase 1 is simple, left body blow to force him to hook, dodge, late punch for a star, use star. In phase 2, get a well timed counter punch that allows for immediate rapid punches.

TAS Strat CS

This strat takes advantage of the "easy CS" glitch that is possible on Don & Joe. Phase 1 is left body blow to force an uppercut, dodge, jab, left gut which he blocks, then jab which he will block but will stop the clock. Then get a late punch for a star and use the star. Phase 2 is identical to the No CS strat.

No Late Punch

TODO: snazzy name

This is a strat that I (adelikat) came up with only a few years after the game was released. It gets a sub 30 time without having to time a late punch (which only has a 1 frame window of opportunity). You continuously use the easy CS trick to keep the clock stopped as much as possible. Each series of rapid punches should be 6 punches long.

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