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These are various strategies discovered for the opponent Soda Popinski. While some of these strats maybe doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner. These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

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TAS no cs

The idea behind this strat is to exploit Soda's weakness. If you intercept one of his uppercuts with a body blow, the next star uppercut will instantly knock him down. The logic of each phase then is the same: get him to attempt an uppercut as soon as possible.

All phases start by stopping Soda from throwing his hooks by throwing two left body blows. He then has one of six random events. He could either throw more hooks or uppercuts. And his delay could be fast, medium, or slow. It must be manipulated so that he throws uppercuts with as small a delay as possible.

This TAS strat differs from the Phil & Genisto strat in how it intercepts his uppercut. They way the game works is that on a certain frame it reads if the user is pressing down, if so, Soda will pause in a crouching position in which he can be punched. In non-TAS strats, Mac will have to duck, then come out of ducking position, then punch. In the Phil & Genisto strat, down is press for just 1 frame, which isn't enough to start the ducking animation, so Mac can hit Soda much sooner. This strat discovered by adelikat begins punching at Soda THEN presses down. If timed right, the game reads the down press and causes Soda to pause at the same time the punch lands.

After getting the star, throw a body blow to intercept Soda's 2nd uppercut, then deliver a star uppercut that will send him to the canvas.

Somewhat interesting fact: There is actually a 1 frame window where Mac will intercept Soda's uppercut so soon that it won't trigger the insta-knockdown uppercuts.

TAS cs

The goal of the cs strat is to get Soda to do an uppercut as soon as possible in order to get rapid punches and start the clock stopping glitch.

Phase 1

Block Soda's opening hooks with left body blows. Then he must go into his ducking position quick. Dodge the uppercut and deliver a face punch to stun him. Then do a delayed punch for a star which will stop the clock. Once the clock is stopped, Mac must take damage until one hook will knock him down and then knock Soda down, all without restarting the clock.

Phase 2

Since Mac is low on health, let Soda knock him down! This seems counter intuitive but Soda immediately throws uppercuts whenever Mac gets up. This is faster than waiting for him to use them in his normal pattern. Notice though that in the TAS, it is timed so that Mac and Soda hit each other simultaneously. This sends Mac to the canvas one in-game frame sooner (and allows for a 31.82 time instead of a 31.97 time). Once Mac gets up, counter Soda's uppercut with a face punch followed by a delayed face punch to stop the clock. Again take damage until Mac will go down from a hook and knock Soda down.

Phase 3

Again, let Soda knock Mac to the canvas by having them hit each other simultaneously. When he gets up, counter Soda's uppercut and then do a delayed punch to stop the clock. Now Mac simply needs to knock Soda down without stopping the clock to reach a time as low as 31.82 if done perfectly.

TAS Phil & Genisto strat

This strat is very similar to the current TAS strat. The difference is in the way it intercepts Soda's uppercuts. Down is pressed for 1 frame (on the exact right frame) in order to cause Soda to pause and then a body blow is thrown. This is a near impossible real-time strat since if down is pressed for even 2 frames, Mac will duck.

Human non-cs strat (blocking then punching)

TODO: Make vid and describe


Infinite points

TODO: video

Using the clock stopping glitch it is possible to get infinite points on Soda.

TODO: Describe how



In Round 1, after the first two hooks, Soda will either do 2 more hooks, or 2 uppercuts. If the lower nibble of the RNG (0x0018) is 00-03 he will decide to do jabs, other wise he will do uppercuts. Therefore, a 12/16 chance he will do uppercuts.

All Speed strats depend on this happening in all 3 phases, which is a 216/512 (or 42.18% chance.

(Not relevant to Speedrun strats) After the two uppercuts, he will sometimes do a Jab, this occurs of the lower nibble is 08 or more, so a 8/16 (50/50) chance.

Uppercut Timing

There are 2 possible timings he will use to initiate the uppercut pattern. If the lower nibble is odd, he will do a fast uppercut, else he will do a slow.

So the odds of him doing a fast uppercut in each phase is 6/16 * 6/16 * 6/16 or approx a 5% chance.


TODO: Some stars are 50%, confirm this


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