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Useful memory addresses

If there is more than one address listed for a particular thing, you may use any one of them. Keep in mind the game may still use them differently from the notes I've placed here, so you might want to look at all the addresses just in case.

RAM address size What is it?
7E00DB 1 byte Frame counter, useful to look at
7E00DE 2 bytes RNG
7E0098 1 byte Crystal transform timer, frames. Increments 7E0099 when it hits 64
7E0099 1 byte Crystal transform timer, seconds. when 30, it's over!
7E02AB 1 byte X sub-position
1 byte X position
1 byte Y position
7E09A4 1 byte
Array of 8
Test for flashing meat at bit 0x08

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