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Memory addresses

TODO: This whole page should be updated, since a lot of new information has been found.


7E00B4-7E00B5: Horizontal position of camera (pixels).
7E00B6-7E00B7: Vertical position of camera (pixels).
7E0BCA-7E0BCB: Horizontal position of X (pixels).
7E0BCC-7E0BCD: Vertical position of X (pixels).
7E0BFA: Dash, frames remaining
7E0BFF: Charge (counting down) 149 blue 79 yellow 1 pink
7E0E8F: Enemy 1 HP
7E0ECF: Enemy 2 HP
7E1F7E: Hadōken capsule visits.

7E00B5-7E00B6: Horizontal position of camera (pixels).
7E00B7-7E00B8: Vertical position of camera (pixels).
7E09FA-7E09FB: Horizontal position of X (pixels).
7E09FC-7E09FD: Vertical position of X (pixels).
7E0A2A: Dash, frames remaining
7E0A2F: Charge (counting up) 20 blue 80 yellow 140 pink1 200 pink2/green/red
7E0D3F: Enemy 1 HP
7E0D7F: Enemy 2 HP
7E0DBF: Enemy 3 HP
7E0DFF: Enemy 4 HP
7E0E3F: Enemy 5 HP

There is no specific boss/miniboss meter; check the enemy HP meters.

Mega Man X Series Physics

Vertical movement (ladders, wall-jumping)


  • Initial upward speed from jump: 5.0 p/f

  • Initial upward speed from slope jump: Either 5.25 p/f or 5.5 p/f, depending on the slope grade.
    • Walking upward and jumping does not reduce initial jump speed.
    • On an upslope, reverse direction for 2 frames, then jump forward.
    • This extra boost gives a higher jump that allows X to barely clear a wall or reach a high overhang (faster).

  • Climbing ladders: 1.5 p/f
    • 3.0 p/f in X2 and X3 with arm and leg upgrades; then it is almost always faster to climb up instead of wall-jumping (but at the top, wall-jump).

It is best to alternate jumping between two close walls at 19-20 frames per jump. If the two walls are too far apart, it is better to jump up the same wall at 20-21 frames per jump.

It is possible to jump through a ladder where it appears to block X, that is, directly up the center of the ladder. You can wall-jump at the top of the ladder, before the climbing-up-onto-ground animation, but if X does this too low, he is blocked from going through (useful only to get to dash speed as described below, when you go down the ladder).


Values are halved in water, except when using charged Triad Thunder.

  • Terminal downward speed: 5.75 p/f
  • Gravity: 0.25 p/f/f

To save time falling down a pit or shaft, jump ahead of time and just barely miss the edge of the hole. The result is that X pre-accelerates himself into the hole and starts his descent with more than zero downward speed. Have as much velocity as possible before dropping down.

Before climbing down onto a ladder, walk one frame to reduce stopping animation delay. After climbing down onto the ladder, release the ladder at the first frame possible; do not climb down the ladder.

Dropping off the ladder does not immediately give you dash speed. To get to dash speed quickly, air-dash or do the wall-jump near the top of the ladder at the lowest point described above, so X does not jump back up the ladder.

Horizontal movement (dashing)

From slowest to fastest in general:

  • Walking: 1.5 p/f

  • Walking downward on slope or jumping off: Either 1.6 p/f or 1.8 p/f, depending on the slope grade.
    • Walking upward does not slow you down.
    • On a downslope, walk down and jump off the bottom of the slope.
    • On an upslope, reverse direction for 2 frames, then jump forward (should only do for steep slopes).

  • Dashing: 3.5 p/f
    • Get in dash speed as often as possible

  • Ride armor dashing (X2): 4.0 p/f

  • Charged Speed Burner (X2): 4.5 p/f
    • Lasts longer on ground than in air.
    • X maintains this speed in air afterward, as long as X does not contact wall or ground, perform an air dash, or jump off the surface of water.

  • Ride armor lunging (X2): 6.0 p/f
    • To keep lunging speed through use of the jets, lunge off an edge.
    • Tap the A button for optimal use of the jets.

  • Motorbike (X2): 6.0 p/f terminal

Things that alter velocity:

  • High speed slopes w/dash speed: 7.25 p/f
    • Stay airborne as much as possible.

  • Mine cart (X1): 5.0 p/f (w/ dash: 8.0 p/f) terminal

  • Strike Chain w/dash speed (X2): 7.25 p/f (charged 10.25 p/f)

  • Zipping through blocks: 10.0 p/f
    • Blocks include crushing blocks, platforms, junk blocks, and Crystal Hunter crystals.

There are other things, such as conveyor belts and moving platforms, that help or hinder speed. Dash over the ones that help and hop on and off the ones that hinder.

Other information

X-Hunters (MMX2)

The X-Hunters, Agile, Serges, and Violen, appear after you have beaten two Mavericks. They will only appear in stages which you have not beaten, and move to the next location after every stage exit.

The X-Hunter cycle is as follows:

-> Wheel Gator -> Morph Moth -> Wire Sponge -> Bubble Crab
-> Flame Stag -> Magna Centipede -> Crystal Snail -> Overdrive Ostrich

The tentative starting points of the X-Hunters are:

  • Agile: Morph Moth
  • Serges: Flame Stag
  • Violen: Overdrive Ostrich

Including the first two beaten, any stage that is beaten is dropped from the cycle. If the beaten stages include the starting points, the X-Hunter will be moved up to the next unbeaten stage. If Overdrive Ostrich and Wheel Gator are the first two beaten, Violen moves up to Morph Moth's stage and Agile to Wire Sponge's stage.

If any stage which you have beaten contains an X-Hunter, the X-Hunter disappears. To obtain all the Zero Parts, if you enter a stage with an X-Hunter, you must beat him first before beating the stage.

If you beat the last X-Hunter and then the stage (without game over), and you have still not beaten all eight Maverick stages, you will receive an additional cutscene which is around 8 seconds long.

Bit, Byte, Vile (MMX3)

Bit appears after two stages are beaten. If you have beaten two or three Mavericks, Bit has a chance of appearing at any unbeaten stage (determined when you first enter the door to the Bit/Byte room). If you have beaten four Mavericks, Bit will always appear at any unbeaten stage.

Bit's weaknesses are Frost Shield and Triad Thunder. If he is hit last with these weapons, he will explode instead of flee. The explosion takes much longer.

Byte appears after five stages are beaten. If you have beaten five or six Mavericks, Byte has a chance of appearing at any unbeaten stage. If you have beaten seven Mavericks, Byte will always appear at the last unbeaten stage.

Byte's weaknesses are Ray Splasher and Tornado Fang. If he is hit last with these weapons, he will explode instead of flee. The explosion takes much longer.

Vile's stage is available if you have beaten between two and seven Mavericks. The three access points are:

  • Volt Catfish: The first lift.
  • Crush Crawfish: Right after the Bit/Byte room, near the power-up underneath the enemy, there is a fake floor.
  • Blizzard Buffalo: After the Bit/Byte room, at the next pit.

Since you restart from the beginning of the access stage once you beat Vile's stage, Volt Catfish's stage is fastest for access.

Vile's weaknesses are Ray Splasher and Spinning Blade. If he is hit last with these weapons, he will explode instead of flee. The explosion must be done to obtain Zero's Beam Saber for X later on.

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