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Laws Of TAS / On Version Control

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TASing emulators make extensive use of emulator projects initially unrelated to TASing. Existing emulator cores often get forked to include TAS functionality. TASing emulators heavily depend on how those cores are being developed by the community. And the open source community happens to have moved from SVN to Git, therefore Git workflow is usually involved in developing TASing emulators.

Main project


Git is really powerful and quite complicated, so it requires a lot of paperwork to keep things clean, but if you do it consistently, you can always be sure everything is perfectly clean.


This is how fork branches are managed:

  git checkout master
  git pull upstream/master
  git push master
  git checkout [feature_branch]
  git rebase master
  git checkout master
  git checkout -b [main_branch_version_N]
  git merge [feature_branch]

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