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BizHawk 2.7 Released!

posted by Noxxa at 2021-11-12 21:57:51

BizHawk 2.7 has been released!

This release includes a new core - melonDS for Nintendo DS, Lua support for Linux, as well as other core updates.

See the full release notes here: http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk/ReleaseHistory.html#Bizhawk27

New Demo Site URL

posted by Memory at 2021-10-08 17:55:36

There is now a new URL for the demo of the rewritten TASVideos. It can be found at https://demo.tasvideos.org/

Discussion can still be done in this thread.

New Standard Goal: Forgoes Major Skip Glitch

posted by Memory at 2021-10-02 12:17:36

We now accept a new goal to Standard: Forgoes Major Skip Glitch. Runs that avoid large skips can be considered for publication to Standard assuming they are otherwise fastest completion. Details can be found in the movie rules.

Suggestions for revisiting rejected runs can be done in this thread.

Bizhawk 2.6.3 released!

posted by Memory at 2021-10-01 20:25:30

Bizhawk 2.6.3 has been released!

This version contains updates to the Gambatte core amongst other fixes.

See the full release notes here: http://tasvideos.org/Bizhawk/ReleaseHistory.html#Bizhawk263

Call for new encoders!

posted by fsvgm777 at 2021-09-15 19:43:52

A fair amount of publications, both current and obsolete, are lacking a YouTube encode. In order to preserve our history on YouTube, I am calling for new encoders!

If you have some CPU power to spare (and you're going to need it), feel free to choose any publication from the above list, upload your YouTube encode to your own YouTube channel as well as to a file sharing service (e.g. MEGA). Should you require any assistance, you can ask me (either via forum PM or Discord DM).

For starters, here are the encoder guidelines.

And here's a comprehensive publication manual. It also contains links to the current encoding package as well as the required stuff. Don't forget to make your own encoder logo.

Note: If you wish to do downloadable encodes as well, there are published movies that can be re-encoded so that they meet our current standards.

If your contributions prove to be valuable for the site, you may be promoted to the Encoder rank.

Site Rewrite: Feedback and Testing Wanted!

posted by Memory at 2021-09-01 14:40:01

We have been working on a complete rewrite/redesign of TASVideos and are now ready to open it to public feedback/testing. A demo of the site can be found at https://tasvideos.mistflux.net/.

Details can be found in the thread.


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