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BizHawk 1.9.2 Released!

posted by adelikat at 2015-03-04 02:07:42

BizHawk 1.9.2 has been released!

lsnes rr2-β22 released!

posted by Nach at 2015-01-24 21:37:39

A new version of our most advanced and feature heavy SNES and Gameboy emulator - lsnes has been released, and can be downloaded from the lsnes wiki page.

This new version introduces for the first time ever proper Super Gameboy emulation with rerecording. This is the same emulator that was used to create the Pokémon Red plays Twitch run shown at AGDQ 2015 earlier this month.

This new version is also our first emulator to make use of the recently released Lua 5.3, and includes way more Lua functions than any other emulator.

A full list of new features and changes can be found in the lsnes rr2 discussion thread.

For those of you not familiar with lsnes, it emulates the following platforms:
*Super Nintendo
*Super Gameboy
*Gameboy Color
*Gameboy Color in Gameboy Advance mode

2014 TAS of the Year voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2015-01-15 01:09:08

The time has come to vote for your favorite run of 2014 to win the prestigious TAS of the Year award!

Registered members can place their votes for the 10 candidates here.

Voting will close on Thursday 22nd 2015, 0:00 UTC.

2014 Award Voting

posted by Mothrayas at 2015-01-08 01:41:37

Voting for the best TASes and TASers of 2014 is now open.

Prizes needed to promote TASVideos at AGDQ 2015

posted by Nach at 2014-12-22 01:27:17

TASVideos and TASing will be demonstrated this year at AGDQ 2015.

Offering prizes will increase viewership of the TASVideos block, and serve to further promote TASing as well as raise money for charity. dwangoAC is coordinating the effort and representing TASVideos at AGDQ 2015, and needs your help putting together these raffle prizes. Video game and/or TASing related donations and ideas are welcome.

BizHawk 1.9.1 Released!

posted by adelikat at 2014-11-29 13:46:52

BizHawk 1.9.1 has been released!


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