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Linux TASing with libTAS!

posted by Mothrayas at 2018-09-12 21:30:33

As of now, Linux TASes made using libTAS are officially supported for submission on TASVideos.

libTAS is a program for Linux which creates an intermediate layer between the game and the operating system, in order to provide TAS tools such as frame advance, savestates, and input recording, and providing a graphical interface to the user with tools such as an input editor and RAM watch/search. This type of tool is known as an API translation layer (trans-layer), and should not be confused with an emulator.

More information about libTAS is available here. We also have a discussion subforum for libTAS.

Note that the TASVideos movie rules have a few specific rules for libTAS movies. Be sure to read these rules for libTAS movies if you intend to submit a libTAS movie to our site.

Bizhawk 2.3 Released and ZX Spectrum Support

posted by adelikat at 2018-06-24 15:27:58

BizHawk 2.3 has been released!

This release features a new ZX Spectrum core. With this release, ZX Spectrum is also supported at TASVideos for TAS submissions and publications.

See the full release notes here: http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk/ReleaseHistory.html#Bizhawk23

BizHawk 1.13.2

posted by Nach at 2018-06-09 21:09:47

Version 1.13.2 has been released!


*It is a maintenance release compatible with Windows XP 32-bit
*Fix Lua related crashes
*Update GLideN64 plugin to latest master branch
*Update mGBA core to latest 0.6 branch
*TAStudio updates and fixes
Make sure to run the updated prerequisite installer:

BizHawk 2.2.2 released!

posted by Mothrayas at 2018-03-16 21:06:02

BizHawk 2.2.2 has been released! This release includes various updates and fixes for emulator cores, TAStudio, and Lua functions, and contains an updated version of the GLideN64 video plugin for N64.

See the full release notes here: http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk/ReleaseHistory.html#Bizhawk222

2017 TAS of the Year voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2018-01-15 00:41:34

It is time to vote for your favorite movie of 2017 to win the prestigious TAS of the Year award!

Registered members can place their votes for any or all of the 13 candidates here.

Voting will close on January 21st 2018, 23:59 UTC.

2017 Awards voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2018-01-08 00:55:04

Nominations are in for our annual TAS and TASer awards!

During this week, registered members can now vote for their favorite TASes and TASers of the past year here.


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