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Other Emulators

This page lists other rerecording emulators which are


VirtuaNES is no longer allowed for submissions on this site.

VirtuaNES is a NES emulator for Windows only, released under the General Public License. The current version is 0.96.

Since the advent of FCE Ultra, VirtuaNES has fallen by the wayside. Even when VirtuaNES v0.93 was allowed for submissions when a format flaw was fixed, no submission for VirtuaNES ever took place.

VirtuaNES (official homepage)

See also: VMV


Nintendulator is allowed for submissions, but not a preferred emulator.

Nintendulator is a NES emulator for Windows only, released under the GNU General Public License.

adelikat: Nintendulator is the most accurate rerecording emulator currently. However it has minimal support for good TAS tools, and so it is generally not used by the TAS community. However, submissions for this emulator are allowed.

Nintendulator (official homepage)

See also: NMV


For making SNES movies, we currently recommend using BizHawk or lsnes instead of ZSNES.

ZSNES is a SNES emulator released under the General Public License. It works in Windows, DOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

ZSNES supports re-recording, chapters, subtitles and other features. However, BizHawk or lsnes are better for serious TAS work. So far, there is only one submission using ZSNES.

The official homepage of ZSNES is http://www.zsnes.com/. The official work in progress release homepage is http://ipherswipsite.com/.

See also: ZMV

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