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Sand Box

SUPERHOT VR Any% in 849

Arizona Sunshine Easy in 961

COMPOUND Any% in 621

To The Top All Levels in 2678.14

Job Simulator Office Worker in 465

Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic Uber-Heart Transplant in 13

To The Top PC in 58.893

Jet Island Death to Peewee in 98

Budget Cuts Any% in 168

Job Simulator Auto Mechanic in 809

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Any% in 2992

Jet Island Any% in 831

SUPERHOT VR Real Time in 16.34

VR: Vacate The Room Fastest time to card swipe in 9

The Talos Principle VR Any% in 2012

Budget Cuts Demo Any% in 17

GORN Any% in 2305

Jet Island 0% in 1535

Rec Room Golden Trophy in 402

SUPERHOT VR Game Time in 17.86

To The Top 100% in 4887.75

Job Simulator Infinite Overtime in 283

Climbey Classic Levels (1-15) in 285

The Talos Principle VR Gehenna Any% in 1991

Jet Island Any% NG in 2935

To The Top Any% in 1258.95

Rec Room JumboTron in 867

GORN Any% NG+ in 289.8

Budget Cuts Demo Kill All Robots No OOB in 115

Budget Cuts Any% No OOB in 638

I Expect You To Die Individual Level Any% in 83

Budget Cuts Demo Any% No OOB in 55

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