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Input processing
The first input on a non-lag frame won't process it's defined action as long as you don't release it, with driving sequences and Gozer being an exception. So we always start from the 2nd frame most of the time.

Lag patterns
There's a few patterns that can be used to ensure the input being optimized:
  11111111 - No lag
  10010101 - Map screen
  10101010 - 30fps (for driving and Gozer)
The final battle lags very much while being 30fps. However, the time differences between shooting and registering the hit can be used instead for checking optimality.

Road sequences
The distance you need to go through the driving sequences increases with the steps done on the world map. Since we are already use the shortest path, only fine tuning is possible by pressing different (mostly directional) buttons when selecting a level.

Ghost manipulation
Can be manipulated by position and by opening doors.

Not all doors can be opened for only a few frame, but the 5F -> 12 -> 18F is the fewest (3 x 2 frame) sacrifice can be made to go through all the 24 floors without dying to the ghosts in the process.

Gozer manipulation

Moar details

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