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These are Morimoto's comments of his world-famous SMB3 tool-assisted speedrun, "timeattack". The comments originally appeared on his webpage, which no longer exists but can be found in the Internet Archive at: http://web.archive.org/web/20040403201057/http://soramimi.egoism.jp/emu.htm

This is my translation of his comments, translated in January 2006.

I decided to include this page here because it is part of the site's early history. Do note that by now, his movie has been surpassed plenty of times, with the newest version being half a minute faster than his movie. More information about the topic can be found in our article pages.

-- Bisqwit


(This is) the basic explanation. First of all, the FAQ.



Yes, unfair means were used. Emulator is slowed down to move by 1/30 seconds.


During recording the movie, recording is repeatedly saved and loaded.


The game is saved before a dangerous place, and if a mistake is made, one would likely want to load the save (to try again).


I now realize that some unspoiled people who watch this movie, may think that "if I am a good player, I should be able to do this", and I am really sorry to demolish the dreams of such a person.


I really should have written this page ready beforehand.



I chose to avoid the frame by when the hand grabs.



It becomes flipped to the diagonal bottom of the level. (?)


Despite the flipping of the diagonal bottom of the level (?), because Mario moves,


because he enters right under for a little while, at the diagonal bottom he is B-dashing.


If you look carefully, you'll see that right at the end of the white block, he'll flip (revolve).



When the screen scrolls, the timer slows down a little. Especially during the P dash, it is very intense.

(Translator's note: This part of the text was never quoted by those who claimed the movie was hoax.
They used the observation that is asked here as a "proof" that the movie is a hoax composited from crafted screenshots during years of work.)



I think it can can only understand by looking at the emulator movie file (?).


Although it looks suspicious, I did not hit.
It is a miracle though that I did not hit.



It's the same explanation as above.
It's thanks to the movie system that it did not hit.


Although I don't quite understand it, it seems like Mario's judgement (hit detection) disappears a bit outside the screen.



Bunbun takes 5 fire shots to kill, Koopa takes 35 fire shots to kill.



I avoid a star in order to not get a 5UP awardment.



Because it was faster to not avoid the wall, I selected this place.



ということと、最近のフリーソフトを試したい(microsoft Windows Media Encorder,TMPEGencなど)

Because I want to test some recent free software (microsoft Windows Media Encorder and TMPEGenc, etc.), this animation was able to be finished and it was announced to the public.


To the people who honestly thought that someone played it by hand, I feel that I've done a gravely inexcusable thing (I'm very very sorry).


Moreover, as for me, I only wanted to see a perfect Mario game completion, even if it's needs to be made with an emulator in order to accomplish it.


Please understand that this was my motivation to start this project.


In the postscript, I am very sorry.


The producer's aftercomments


I just remembered something.


Because it's interesting when reading as the third person.


It's like I've became completely filled with boasting, but, well, this kind of opportunity is rare, although it's becoming very gaudy, I'll write some incoherent stuff.

(IYAMIppaku = iyami+ippai; with katakana emphasis in iyami; iyami=disagreeable/gaudiness/sarcasm; ippai=a lot)


An advertisement of Tetris Death Mode Clear from Arika was pasted to the 2chan thread about Mario together with Hihati's no-miss movie.


The following one was sometimes seen by writing. I only remember vaguely, because the log did not remain.


>> Because of the postscript of the Mario case, it's nothing great.
More importantly, clearing (beating) the death mode is a very greatly meritable thing.


Because if I were a friend of him, I would know it.


I can clear death mode.
Saying like this, it's the master Gm of the way of the splendid beginning and such. (?)


So, most of the Tetris playing people are acquintances, and thus, they are an acquintance with the player of that particular death movie.


... He is also second clearing resourceful gamer in Peaceful Death, and the no-miss of Hihati received and, to tell the truth, produced his request.


The world is quite small when you think about it.


In conclusion, more difficult than making Mario, is to clear death. It took me two years.

(Translator's comment: This sentence actually used the word "oneself". Morimoto doesn't say I/me/my in this document.
Not even once. (Except for the line "I can clear death mode", which may be a quote.) This is very common in Japanese, to the endless fun of translators. To understand what Morimoto really means (for example, whether he has cleared Death Mode or not; he doesn't say it directly to avoid boasting), one needs to read "between the lines".)


You see it is easy to make an emulator movie. It just takes time.


With this kind of feelings I finish my message.

(Translator's notes: The words "clear", "panel", "mode", "demo", "movie", "death", "thread", "time attack", "gamer" in this the text were all written as Engrish loan words in katakana (kuria, paneru, moodo, demo, mubi, desu, sure, taimuatakku, geemaa). The name Hihati was made-up by the machine translator. In kanji, it was 緋蜂 (scarlet bee). It could be "Akahachi" as well...)

AMIKAI machine translation

  For reference, the AMIKAI-translated version was as follows.
  (This was the document that was quoted on forums - either entirely,
  or most usually, the first 8 lines only. And the quote was quoted,
  and so on, with misconceptions enforced further.)

Fundamental description. From the question which often exists first of all

- ZURU is carried out.
-> ZURU is carried out. It is dropping and moving by the emulator till 1/30 second. Save and loading are repeated and recorded during movie record.
When a mistake is saved and made before a dangerous place, it is touch called loading.
If this movie is seen and "game also becomes nice, it comes to be able to do so far." I think I am sorry very much so that the dream of the pure person who considered may be ruined.
It should have written beforehand.

- 8W do not obtain and don't review in a hand in a zone?
The frame out of which -> hand does not come is chosen and avoided.

- Go into the room of a whistle not turning to the reverse side by the white block of 1-3.
It can turn to the reverse side also under -> lever slanting. Since Mario also moves the operation under lever slanting
After putting in for a while just under, B dash of is done under slanting.
If it often sees, it is turning to the reverse side firmly at the right end of the white block.

- A time display becomes quick or is slow.
It is the processing omission which occurs in the case of scrolling of -> screen. It is intense especially during P dash.

- It is just before the "?" block of a tank 1, and the spanner is hit.
I hear that -> emulator movie is recording only operation, and it thinks that it can understand.
It has not hit, although it is suspicious. A miracle did not hit.

- The gun is hit near [ outside / screen / a tank 2 ].
It is the same as the explanation on ->. The favor of the system of a game did not hit.
It seems that Mario's judgment disappears out of a screen although it does not understand well.

- Does kuppa die from a fire?
-> BUMBUN can be toppled with the from fire 5, and kuppa can be toppled by from 35.

- Is the mushroom taken by the clear panel of 8-1?
The star is avoided in order to avoid 5UP as -> guess.

- With one with earlier carrying out the wall omission of the last of eight forts Since it was earlier not to carry out -> wall omission, it chose here.


I want to try saying and the latest free software (microsoft Windows Media Encorder, TMPEGenc, etc.).

Such animations have done and announced to the sake officially.

I am very sorry to people considered to be a play by people's hand seriously.

Moreover, can the picture which investigated the time attack intently on us be made if it is an emulator?

There was also a wish by wanting to see Mario who moves an ideal.

it approves of this plan having started from such progress -- たい

I am sorry to be a postscript.

The comment of after and a maker

Since it remembered just for a moment.
If it reads as the 3rd person, I will think whether it is interesting.
Although boast will also enter, since there is no まぁこんな opportunity rash
IYAMI っぽく -
- ます -- ぶっちゃけて書く -- it is made things

It is 緋蜂 no MISUMUBI together with [ my two's SURE ] Mario.
The ad of a TETORISUDESU mode clearance of ARIKA was stuck.
It wrote in and came out by ん and the following was sometimes seen.
Since the log did not remain, it is a faint memory.

Since >> Mario is a postscript, he is nothing to speak of.
The clearance of DESUMODO is very worthy from it.

It is knowing if it is relatives.
I can carry out a DESUMODO clearance.
Is [ っていう ] it in the master Gm in the direction of the first stage very well?
Most people which come out and shine TETORISU 8 are acquaintances.
The player of that DESUMUBI is an acquaintance.
He is the go-getter gamer who has cleared 2nd round of a peaceful death in ん.
In fact, the no mistake of 緋蜂 received and manufactured his request.

The world is narrow if it thinks.
The way which clears De Dis rather than making Mario incidentally
Difficulty is carried out, it says and there is saying. し [ he took in two years ].
Since it is easy for EMYUMUBI to make. It only takes time.

It is ってな touch.

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