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The English language version of these rules supersedes all translated versions of these rules. Translations of these rules into other languages are provided for informational purposes only.

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It is mandatory for everyone to read these rules before submitting a movie or posting at the TASVideos forums.

Except for rules regarding legality (such as ROM images), the rules are not set in stone. Moderators and administrators have the right to act as they see fit. It should be noted that the IRC channel and Discord server follow the same rules as the forums.

Legal issues

Users are strictly prohibited from posting references to copyrighted material (such as ROM or BIOS images) or asking for such. Any such posting will be deleted.

Screenshots and AVI recordings are considered fair use and are fully allowed.

Registering users

Users are only allowed to register one account per user. The administration has the right to block, merge, or delete any account in violation of this rule.

A user who wishes to change their username should see this forum topic. If a user has forgotten the password to their account, and is unable to restore it, contact an administrator via IRC.

Additionally, users attempting to evade a ban by creating secondary accounts will be permanently prevented from rejoining the site.


Submissions are first and foremost required to follow the Movie Rules. Users repeatedly submitting movies that fail to abide by the rules may have their submission privileges revoked.


The main language on this board is English.
Posting in other languages is allowed, but all discussions should be at least translated to English. Users who are unable to post in English should confine their posts to the non-English sections of the forum.

Post content

All posts and messages must remain civilized.
Posts and messages that are or become uncivil are not allowed. The extent of civility (or lack thereof) is determined both by situation and by moderator opinion. Moderators may lock topics that become uncivil. Moderators may also edit or delete offensive posts.

Discuss political subjects in moderation. Be civil and understanding of other users, even if you disagree with their politics. Divisive rhetoric is not allowed.

Disruptive posting is not allowed. This includes spamming, making multiple useless topics or posts, or repeatedly going off-topic in a topical thread. In extreme cases, disruptive members will be banned.

The forums and IRC channel are frequented by people of all ages, and thus, content posted should consider the possibility of younger readers. While adult-themed conversations are not prohibited, they should be mature, purposed, and limited. In other words, don't be dirty simply to be dirty.

Additionally, this site is frequented by people of various races, nationalities, and sexualities. Hate speech will not be tolerated.

Use tags that cause significant additional client-side load, such as video embedding, sparingly. In particular, do not embed videos into submission discussion threads, with the possible exception of one video in the submission text itself.

Abuse of the Voting/Rating System

People are free to vote however they want on submissions. However, users abusing the system for reasons that are clearly and intentionally beyond the scope of the movie in question will be dealt with. Additionally, rating multiple movies by the same author as a form of promotion or degradation will also be dealt with. As noted, this will only be in cases of clear, intentional, and obvious abuse.

Signatures and avatars

Signatures or avatars that are too big are not allowed. Avatars are restricted to at most 100 pixels in width and height, and signatures should be text only and no more than 10 lines or 130 pixels tall. Signatures or avatars that break these limits may be removed by an administrator.

Disruptive signatures or avatars are not allowed. Administrator opinion decides whether an avatar or signature is considered disruptive, and they may remove such avatars or signatures as they see fit.

Sites not allowed for avatars:

Some sites have bad problems with browser malware detectors and thus are not allowed:
  • membres.lycos.fr
  • rphaven.org
  • usuarios.lycos.es
  • www.rphaven.org

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