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Submission Instructions

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Before submitting

  1. Make sure your movie is a finished product. If it is not meant to be a TAS, or if it is just a work-in-progress, do not submit it.
  2. Be sure your movie meets the movie rules and the guidelines.
  3. Verify that your movie works. Do not submit movies that even you can't view!
If any of these is not met, upload your movie to the Userfiles instead of submitting, and share the link on Forums to spark some discussion that may help you come up with a movie that has higher acceptance chances.

The top line

We only want movies that are interesting to watch.

Failure to comply will result your movie being rejected.
Please ensure your movie is good. Do not waste the judges' time with movies that have obvious mistakes ― read the guidelines!

Filling the form

Submitting movies is done at the Submit Movie page. This page explains how to fill the submission form. It is very important that you read it.

Game name

Please write the official name of the game. For example, if you are submitting a movie for the game Super Mario Bros., write Super Mario Bros. Do not write Super Mario, SMB, Mario, or Mario Bros., since the names may be confused with other titles.

If the game has a Japanese title (or other non-Latin writing system), write the most well-known romanization. The ROM name should indicate the correct name.

Game version

Please detail the version of the game. Accepted variants include:
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Japan/USA (generic NTSC version)
  • Europe
  • World
Some unusual variants you are not likely to run across also exist. If the game has multiple revisions, please indicate the revision too. For example: “USA r0” or “USA r1”.

The choices are listed in the left-hand list box of the submission page. You must choose one choice from there. Do not write it in the game name.

ROM filename

The ROM filename may provide hint of what is the version of the game. In the Good Tool ROM set, the filename encodes most details of the game version, for example: Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.0) [!].smc

Please include the file name extension (.smc, .nes ...) even if your operating system has been configured to hide it from you.

Author's real name

Please write your real name in this field. Abbreviations are OK. The purpose of this field in together with the nickname field is to protect you from being confused with other people who use the same nickname.

Non-English authors: You can use the writing system of your native language, for example, Cyrillic if you are Russian, kanji if you are Japanese, and so on.

Please don't write a false name in the field. If the administration of this site somehow gets to know that the name is false, your submission will be rejected.

Author's nickname

Whatever nickname or handle you are generally known in the internet. The administration of this site believes in permanent nicknames. A good permanent nickname is one that nobody else will ever use.

An example of a bad nickname: “Naruto92” (models a famous anime character)

The purpose of the nickname is to identify the author of the movie. We do not recommend submitting anonymously. If your nickname is too generic and you don't provide your real name, your submission becomes essentially anonymous.

If you provide your non-abbreviated real name, you do not need to provide a nickname.

Please use only alphanumeric characters in your nickname. Do not use only numbers. Special characters, such as these are not allowed: #&!+%@. Do not use any Unicode characters in your nickname.

Movie file

Our Movie Rules page lists all the allowed key-input movie file formats. You may not submit files of any other types than listed on that page. Changing the file extension will not help.

Please compress your movie file into a ZIP file before sending. We do not accept any other formats!

Include only the movie file in the ZIP file. Nothing else!

Make sure the movie file in the ZIP has no subdirectories in its path, even if the ZIP program you use saves subdirectories by default. The path should be empty.


It is very important that you describe your movie in the following ways.

  • Which emulator did you use? (Version number also required!)
    • Which emulator settings? Please list every individual emulation setting which you have modified (does not apply to Dolphin users, see note below).
  • Which BIOS did you use? (Region and revision)
  • If your movie needs some setup (e.g. prepare a memory card) to sync, provide a link to the verification movie.
    • Not applicable for all systems.
  • Do you use warps or passwords?
  • What kind of programming errors do you abuse in the game?
  • Do you take hits? Do you use death? Do you save and restart in the middle of the movie? How many characters do you control?
  • What are your aims? Fastest possible? Maximum score? 100% kills? 100% items? Indicate the priority of each aim in your movie.
  • Please describe the game briefly. It helps those who are unfamiliar with the game.
  • Please describe the making of the movie. What was hard? Why would anyone like the result?
  • If your movie is an improvement to an existing movie, please mention which movie it improves upon, how big the improvement is, and describe the improvements.

Note for Dolphin (Gamecube and Wii) submissions: For these movies there are quite many factors that can affect sync. The Dolphin movie file stores a bunch of settings affecting sync on its own (see Emulator Resources / DTM), so you are not required to provide them. Please include the following in your submission additionally to the ones stated above:

  • If your version is patched in any way, provide a link to the patches or entire source code. Ask the one who provided you with the binaries, if you don't know how to do that.
  • A checksum of your ISO (SHA1 recommended).
  • Newer Dolphin versions come with free dsp_*.bin files required for DSP LLE emulation; did you use these or the console ones (i.e. did you have to download the two dsp_*.bin files yourself from a non-Dolphin site)?

The submission text uses a special text formatting system. Use * for bullet lists, ! for headings and put an empty line between each of your paragraphs. Do not begin lines with spaces.

It is recommended to write long descriptions in a text editor first.

Things to remember:

  • There is a preview function, so you can check if your text looks as you intended.
  • You can edit (bottom of page, click "Edit") the text after submitting, for example if you forgot to include some information, or if to cancel it if you have made a new version.
  • Please check your spelling. Bad spelling makes your message difficult to read, especially for non-native English speakers. If your English is bad, ask someone to translate and proofread it for you.
  • Your submission text is public. Everyone can see it immediately after you submit it.

Additional things you can include:

  • A suggested description for your movie once we publish it.
  • A suggested screenshot for your movie once we publish it. Either give the frame number, or link to an offsite image. Please do not lower the quality or resize it. See Screenshots for details.
  • Special subtitles you want to include in your movie. For example, annotations for some events in the movie.
  • If you used RAM Watch to observe memory addresses in the making of your movie, you can use this tool to display a table containing them in your submission.
  • Explain all interesting bits about your movie. Strategy for each stage, techniques you used, methods you used for creating the movie...

Things you do not need to write:

  • Tool-assisted disclaimer, total time, rerecord count. These are included automatically.


You need to be logged in to submit movies. The login procedure is explained at the login page.

If the submission fails, do not send your file by e-mail! Instead, read the movie rules and if it doesn't answer your problem, ask in the discussion forums or the #tasvideos IRC channel

After submitting the movie

Your movie will appear in a few places:

Particularly important is the discussion forums. When you submit a movie, a topic will automatically be created for your submission. It allows people to comment on your movie and vote for it. You are encouraged to follow the discussion and answer questions that may come up after submitting the movie.

If you click “watch this topic for replies” at the page showing the discussion of the movie, the site will automatically e-mail you a notification when someone comments on your movie.

Eventually, a judge will decide what to do with your movie. Basically, it will either be rejected or accepted, but there are some other status messages you might see:

Note that judging the movie may not happen immediately. Sometimes, movies may be published in a few hours after submitting, and sometimes, they sit in the list for over a year before a decision is made.
Judges are only humans, and they too have preferences and they might not always have time.

If you notice a flaw in your movie, or submit a new version, please cancel your old submissionSubmissionInstructions#UpdatingSubmittedMovies. Click "Edit" (at the bottom of the page of submission), then change status to cancelled.
Please append a short comment to the submission explaining why you cancel it.

If a submission is accepted, it will be accepted to one of three Classes. One can find out more information about these three classes in the Class page and in the Movie Rules.

The bottom line

A “submission” is a candidate for a movie that will be published on this site.

We do not publish movies that break our Movie Rules.
We favor movies that follow our Guidelines. We only want interesting movies!

Users who abuse the submission mechanism may be banned by the discretion of the administration.

Updating submitted movies

If you later notice that your movie needs some minor changes, such as a new shortcut that is easy to incorporate, or a few more frames of input to reach the actual ending, you can request the submission file to be updated without having to cancel and submit a new movie. Upload your updated movie to Userfiles and make a post in your submission's discussion thread, announcing your improvement and linking to the userfile you've uploaded. Uploading to other file hosting sites is also allowed.

It is useful to elaborate on what your new movie has in it and why you want the submission to be updated. This operation requires a staff member to personally update your submission, so it may take a bit of time while it is being verified (regarding sync and other things). Alternatively you can send a private message to a judge or a senior, containing your userfile link and all the notes about it, but public posts are preferred.

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