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What (or who) is TASBot?

TASBot is best described as a special R.O.B. robot outfitted with Legos to hold a custom circuit board that can exactly mimic the behavior of a video game controller. TASBot can play games on real video game consoles with superhuman abilities, usually leading to game breaking glitches in front of live audiences. TASBot has a long and storied history that starts with the initial efforts to replay Tool-Assisted Speedruns on physical hardware via a process now called console verification.

TASBot was born on 2013-12-22 and is currently hosted by his creator and keeper, dwangoAC. He is on Twitter as @MrTASBot, TASBot.net (which redirects to this page), and on Freenode IRC in #tasbot. He has made appearances at AGDQ 2014, AGDQ 2015, SGDQ 2015, AGDQ 2016, and SGDQ 2016 (although the earliest TAS involvement at a GDQ event was organized by DarkKobold during SGDQ 2011). TASBot has also participated in talks at TWiT's The New Screen Savers episode 60, DEF CON 24, and GeekPwn 2016.


TODO: Add more details to the timeline including SVLUG / DEF CON 24 / NBLUG / GeekPwn 2016 and other appearances.

TASBot as a person (from the perspective of dwangoAC)

When true released his board he called it true's NES / SNES Replay Device. I subsequently hacked together a Lego case and put it on ROB and dubbed it ROBBerry Pi. Then, due to being frazzled because of last-minute issues and being in front of 60,000 people I proceeded to do an absolutely horrible job of introducing who TASVideos was, who I was, and what the name of the bot was. Later, GDQMonitor and Masterjun's SMW executes arbitrary code submission both referred to the combination of true's replay board, the Pi, and ROB as "TASBot". (As an aside, there was previously an unrelated project named TASBOT but no new development appears to have happened on it since 2013)

TASBot as a "person" has become something far larger than I ever imagined. There's fanfic out there about @GDQMonitor (apparently a girl) and @MrTASBot having an ongoing relationship. The SDA community seems to refer to TASBot about the same way the Nico Nico Douga community references TAS-san (TASさん, known as "Mr. TAS"). I know true has never particularly felt comfortable with calling his board "TASBot" and at this point I think the name transcends any particular replay device. I've come to think of TASBot as the combination of ROB holding a controller or board and participating in his favorite pastime, playing games perfectly in front of a TV and a loving audience. What could be better?

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