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This page documents various projects that have been suggested for the site. If you are looking to help, this is a good place to look for ideas.

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If you want to help with wiki pages, you will need to be an editor. If you have a project in mind, contact an admin assistant or site admin with details and you will probably be granted editor access.

Various page TODOs

  • Many pages which refer to this TODO page have changes which the editors feel could be made. Be aware that some pages (such as ArticleIndex) link to TODO but not for this reason.

Adopt the orphans

  • Pages with no links to them, as well as non-existent pages linked from somewhere are found in Wiki Orphans; links to these pages should be added elsewhere. This is an ongoing problem. It is HIGHLY encouraged that all staff & editors participate in keeping these Orphans fixed.

Game Resources

If you know a game well, write a page about it. It is as simple as that.

Pages needed

  • Write missing pages (LawsOfTAS) detailing the implementation of rerecording, from a coding perspective. This needs to include movie format specifications, including pros and cons of various methods already tried. Also should include the "bullet proof" rerecording logic. All aspects that are required for TASVideos acceptance should be explained clearly as well as detailing how to achieve these results.

Pages in bad need of improving

  • Downloads
    • All tools linked should be uploaded to the TASTools repository instead (and linked to it).

"Game Ideas" list

We need a good way of generating such a list. So far all ideas have been impractical or neglected.


Some changes here need vested editor access or above.

Old movies

  • Finish the "History Revival" project. This includes about 80 movies at around 650M. These movies should have proper encodes with archive or streaming URLs, screenshots, and descriptions.

Movie filenames

In this forum thread ... plan and implement the changing of all movie files to something that makes more sense.
  • Vested editors and above need access to be able to modify movie file names.


Most changes here will probably need to be done by admin-level staff. Feel free to add suggestions.

Technical Changes

Edit conflict warning

The site now uses diff3 to merge edits from two or more editors who cross-edit the same article.

However, when edits conflict, the site quietly garbles the article without a warning. This should be fixed.

  • Possibly issue a warning when starting to edit, when someone else is already editing the page
  • It does not work together with the history editor (deletion of past versions changes the revision numbers)


  • Bad document names are not verified

Source code

  • Reduce the number of SQL queries scattered around the code
  • Add a special case in WikiEmbedJavascript and WikiLoadJavascript for tabbed context


  • Change playerid so that a movie may have multiple playerids. Remove the multiplayer playerids.


  • Profile:
    • Time used by regexp matching
    • Number of SQL calls per page
    • Amount of data fetched more than once (solution: cache)
    • Amount of data fetched but never used (solution: stop making useless fetches)
    • Depth of recursion in WikiTextToHTML

  • Transparent cache proxy for high CPU load situations (no dynamic code execution or POST methods).

Translation support

Bisqwit: Domainwise, Japan is the third biggest group of visitors of this site. I like that. Unfortunately, not many of the Japanese understand English very well. It has been my long time aim to ease the usability of this site for Japanese users. Unfortunately, so far I haven't managed to invent/plan a way to support alternate language versions of pages on this site. But maybe something could be done about it.

Upgrade the forum to PhpBB3

  • TODO/PhpBB3Upgrade - Information regarding the need to upgrade the forum to PhpBB3
  • As MyBB has a converter, converting to MyBB is a plausible option.

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