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Movies for SNES EarthBound

#49370672006302041 - EarthBound - Out of Bounds WIP
EarthBound OoB.bk2 (94.7kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2018-08-24 09:43:02 by chatterbox (7 files)
For SNES EarthBound (2 files)
In 1:09:54.86 [252106 frames], 115403 rerecords)
3150 views, 177 downloads
I made this movie aiming to beat the latest run of pirohiko, but it has not been optimized yet.
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#49139941776852396 - Earthbound Lua Script for BizHawk
Earthbound Utils.lua (6.78kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2018-08-14 00:19:59 by brunovalads (3 files)
For SNES EarthBound (2 files)
2898 views, 380 downloads
An edited version for BizHawk of pirohiko's Snes9x script
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