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#41803542588722554 - contra 4
contra 4.dsm (538kB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2017-09-17 14:48:18 by Soig (20 files)
For DS Contra 4 (2 files)
In 05:40.94 [20397 frames], 4988 rerecords)
2011 views, 353 downloads
2D levels are easy to improve. BUT 3D levels are TOO HARD! Until stage 2.

Stage 1: 3 frames saved.
Stage 2: 28 frames saved.
Note: To compare with the old movie, Just need to decrease frames of the lag.

But 3D levels are mostly different with these two emulators. I don't know if it's really due to different emulation. Because I see that old run is not very accurate. (The old authors press Y to shoot weapon C one frame by one frame.)

And maybe, I want a partner join in to help me do 3D levels' work.

Emulator: 0.9.9
Bus-level timing is ON! ON can be faster than OFF for this game.

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#13289962598470032 - Contra 4 "pacifist"
Contra 4 "pacifist".dsm (277kB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2014-03-13 11:58:36 by Soig (20 files)
For DS Contra 4 (2 files)
In 02:55.32 [10489 frames], 1484 rerecords)
5150 views, 367 downloads
I did it last year. And I have finished stage 1.

I stop doing it due to some reason. The most important reason is stage 2's boss. There are so many enemies on bridge. If I don't kill them, it will be too hard to past that stage.

Emulator used: 0.9.7 Bus-level Timing is On.

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