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User movie #10504015130434197

#10504015130434197 - Ys I Complete - Shrine Finished
Ys1Easy.wtf (350kB wtf movie [Windows])
Uploaded 2013-11-08 00:47:34 by Korzic (9 files)
In 12:24.78 [44687 frames], 14628 rerecords)
8320 views, 594 downloads
Played on the Japanese version, no English patch. Please be sure the run setting is already set to hold Shift to walk before attempting to play this. And hopefully it won't matter this time, but TA was unlocked beforehand as well. Do note that the audio crashes almost instantly due to the intro avi failing to play (no clue why - not an issue when playing normally), but as another user pointed out, the audio is still there when capturing. To that end, here's a quick encode of the file (it still has some minor audio issues, though):


Anyway, this is played on the Easy difficulty mostly because I haven't bothered doing extensive testing for a Nightmare run yet, and this is what I'm most familiar with. Besides, lack of mouse support at the moment already makes any run a tad unoptimized (mostly menu work), but well, I got bored. =p

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