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#11547332776175255 - Club Penguin EPF - Herbert's Revenge M1 & 2 [Obsoleted]
DS Club Penguin EPF - Herbert's Revenge M1 & 2.dsm (693kB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2013-12-25 00:27:35 by dekutony (331 files)
In 07:19.14 [26272 frames], 21 rerecords)
9865 views, 603 downloads
This is a WIP for the fastest time possible of a Club Penguin game on the Nintendo DS, this one being the second one. This point and click adventure game is about you becoming an agent of The Elite Penguin Force, a secret organization for keeping safe the Club Penguin Island with your teamates and you being the leader, trying to stop the grumpy polar bear Herbert from destroying the island. Sometimes repetitive but a VERY VERY fun game.

Played the American version. Used an already saved file. Used the latest desmume emulator and used the default settings.

I found out a useful glitch to avoid puffle switching in Mission 1 that improved the run a lot.

This run was hard to make because most of the time it uses the touch screen, so you have to use the mouse almost all the time. Also the only way to skip the cutscenes is by pressing Start. I hope you like it so far.

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