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User movie #11704058719620843

#11704058719620843 - Megaman (GG) Star Man
mmgg.bkm (115kB bkm movie [GG])
Uploaded 2014-01-01 01:51:24 by Samsara (65 files)
In 01:37.98 [5871 frames], 1035 rerecords)
10896 views, 670 downloads
343 frames faster than HTWT's rejected submission, 148 frames saved in the stage itself and the rest on the Star Man fight. The Star Man fight is actually 16 frames faster than Mothrayas' when timed from the first hit to the last hit. However, the faster Star Man fight actually wastes far more frames, likely due to Star Man's lower positioning and the fact that it seems to take far longer for the boss explosion to despawn, so I'll need to redo the entire fight and manipulate him better. There are probably some frames to be saved in the stage itself, too, so I might just redo the entire thing.

Okay, bye.

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