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User movie #12283335305507377

#12283335305507377 - SNES Soul Blazer script v2 (lsnes)
SB_General_v2.lua (9.93kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-01-27 03:57:58 by FatRatKnight (242 files)
For SNES Soul Blazer (9 files)
11252 views, 934 downloads
Cleaned up a few things in code. Also, it displays hitboxes! Well, green rectangles of some sort. Not entirely sure if they are hitboxes, but it seems to be so for most things. The player's rectangle isn't a hitbox, it seems.

Still gets the same false positives for lair information. Aside from added boxes and some code cleaning for (hopefully) easier maintenance, it's largely the same as the previous script.

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