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#12951555061300408 - Pokemon Blue - Junk Text Glitch
PokemonNidokingTest.bkm (388kB bkm movie [GB])
Uploaded 2014-02-26 06:12:35 by Chamale (3 files)
For GB Pokémon: Blue Version (6 files)
In 07:54.3 [28329 frames], 2338 rerecords)
8893 views, 877 downloads
A new glitch in Pokemon Blue (and presumably Red) that involves using the black-out variant of the Trainer-Fly glitch and then talking to the old man of Missingno. fame. Recorded in Bizhawk 1.5.3. If someone can find the source of the junk data and turn it into something useful, as with MrWint's current glitched run, this could lead to a substantial improvement. The gameplay itself is far from optimized, Squirtle should be able to knock out Charmander with 3 Critical Hits and a wild Pikachu could knock out Charmander with 2 Critical Hits.
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