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User movie #12996165641066198

#12996165641066198 - Oracle of Ages WIP
OoAWIP01.bkm (855kB bkm movie [GBC])
Uploaded 2014-02-28 06:25:37 by SBD (58 files)
In 17:27.27 [62551 frames], 18997 rerecords)
8498 views, 659 downloads
Progress is the same as in the last WIP (finishes Lv.1). This is 1281 frames slower due to obtaining and planting two Gasha Seeds.

I have to kill thirty enemies by the end of Lv.1 to make Maple appear, so there's some seemingly unnecessary kills. For the luck manipulation on Maple to work out, the Ember Seed amount has to be lowered to less than five, so I waste them whenever it doesn't lose time. Even though this run is going to get the Expert's Ring, I still get the Whimsical Ring because it allows a one-cycle on the Lv.2 Miniboss (instead of a three-cycle without a ring), so it saves enough time to be worth appraising it. It may also be worth swapping rings again after Lv.3 to kill future bosses quicker. It's possible to get five more rupees from Maple losing only a couple of frames, which might be necessary since we're currently three rupees short for the Goron Dancing minigame.

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