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#14110894922976285 - Hocus Pocus - Episode 3 Level 5
HocusPocusEpisode3Level5-saveslot-2.jrsr (897kB jrsr movie [DOS])
Uploaded 2014-04-19 11:16:45 by IsraeliRD (2 files)
For DOS Hocus Pocus (2 files)
In 08:11.29 [29477 frames], 2146 rerecords)
5978 views, 2173 downloads

JRSR contains a savestate

Current location: At the third crystal. Need to manipulate the skeletons, ghosts and bats to get either no damage or one damage. I managed to do one damage only but accidentally overwrote the save file. Lots of enemies to kill here.

This project is abandoned and can be picked up by anyone. See http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10285

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