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#16161040464663009 - Wario Land 3 - Navigation script
WL3Overlay.lua (2.74kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-07-20 19:10:25 by slamo (42 files)
For GBC Wario Land 3 (5 files)
7157 views, 732 downloads
Displays an overlay identifying tiles in WL3, for use in navigating and visualizing glitch rooms.


Red - Solid or unknown

Pink - Breakable (by Wario or other means)

Black - Doors (includes golf, exit, and auto-warp)

Brown - Ladder/climbable

Blue - Water

White - Platform

The text in the upper left displays the tile properties of the blocks above, at, and below Wario respectively. The first column is the RAM address where the tile ID can be found. If this is above 0xA000 then it's accessing the RAM banks (where level data is normally kept) - between 0xA000-0xBFFF is bank 2, between 0xC000-0xDFFF is bank 3, and between 0xE000-0xFFFF is bank 4. The second column is the raw tile property.

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