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User movie #16401811903468453

#16401811903468453 - TAOBAR, 1-3 finished
Batman and Robin, The Adventures of (JU) [!] - 1-3 boss 3 11405.gmv (35.5kB gmv movie [Genesis])
Uploaded 2014-07-31 15:24:39 by Truncated (20 files)
For Genesis The Adventures of Batman and Robin (12 files)
In 03:22.03 [12106 frames], 8534 rerecords)
7203 views, 874 downloads
2161 frames ahead of test movie, which means around 521 frames were saved in this level. The test movie ends here, so no more comparisons are possible after this.

Switching to the green weapon turns out to have been the right choice. It loses a few frames on the first boss appearance but more than makes up for it in the other two appearances.

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