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User movie #17070615333714393

#17070615333714393 - SMB2j 8-1 Warp Pipe
SMB2j 8-1 Wrong Warp.fm2 (69.9kB fm2 movie [FDS])
Uploaded 2014-08-30 18:17:07 by Invariel (13 files)
For FDS Super Mario Bros. 2 (10 files)
In 00:16.91 [1016 frames], 1 rerecord)
7226 views, 727 downloads

FM2 file begins from a savestate

On the 3DS's version of SMB2j, going 'down' through this pipe warps you ahead a short way through 8-1. On the FDS ROM that checksums with the published movie, it instead warps you back to the start of the level.

I apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of this video - I wanted to remove the needless pausing at the end, but I can't read the hex output to save my life. I am sorry. (Feel free to remove it on your end.)

Game is paused right beside the second vertical pipe of 8-1.

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By TASeditor On 2014-08-30 19:17:10
The fm2 files are text based. You can open them with any text editor program.

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