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#17632228355214748 - Ironsword - Wizards and Warriors 2
rchokler_Iron_Sword_WIP1.fm2 (46.3kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-09-25 01:18:12 by rchokler (16 files)
In 00:52.26 [3141 frames], 887 rerecords)
8792 views, 607 downloads
This is a WIP to improve on the run by Scubed. I chose not to manipulate for gold nuggets in the first level. However, like Scubed, I am aiming for fastest completion without taking any damage. So far, I improved the Mountain part of the first level by 63 frames. After the eagle releases me, I am ahead by 192 frames. The Sky part of the level will be harder to optimize because it depends heavily on being able to make Kuros have enough (but not too much) downward momentum each time before a jump in order to get the best possible completion time.
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