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#18358557059086853 - FF6 sketch glitch outcome generator
sketch_spells.lua (15.7kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2014-10-27 18:21:14 by keylie (111 files)
For SNES Final Fantasy VI (15 files)
15507 views, 907 downloads
For a certain formation mold, this script generates and interprets the rewriting caused by the sketch glitch. The output of the script is a csv file. Here is the description of the content of the spreadsheet. When a cell contains multiple elements separated by a dash, then the sketch glitch cause this element to be overwritten multiple times.

Spell setup = XXYY

  • XX: Aiming byte of 28th spell
   01 (Allies or enemies, single): Safe, Haste, Bserk, Rflect, Shell, Vanish, Life, Life 2
   03 (Allies, single target): Antdot, Remedy, Regen, Life 3
   04 (Allies and enemies, multi target): Quake, W Wind, Merton
   21 (Allies or enemies, single or multi target): Float, Cure, Cure 2, Cure 3
   29 (Allies or enemies, multi or single target): Haste 2
   41 (Enemies or allies, single target): Poison, Drain, Break, Doom, Pearl, Flare, Scan, Slow, Rasp, Mute, Sleep, Muddle, Stop, Imp, Osmose, Dispel
   61 (Enemies or allies, single or multi target): Fire, Ice, Bolt, Fire 2, Ice 2, Bolt 2, Bio, Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3
   6A (Enemies, multi target): X-Zone
  • YY: Queue of 28th spell availability Bit 7: Is the spell currently castable?
   Bit 0-6: Past values.
   Every time the character is casting a spell, or get Imped/Deimped,
   the game checks if the spell is castable, and push bit 0 to the queue if castable, 1 if not. Inited as FF

Command slot = Name (XX/YY/ZZ)

  • XX: Command id
  • YY: Command availability -> Bit 7: Is the command useable?
  • ZZ: Command aiming -> See under

Item slot = Name * Quantity (XX/YY/ZZ)

  • XX: Item flags
   08: Is a shield
   10: Is a weapon
   20: Can be thrown
   40: Is a tool
   80: Not usable as an item in battle
  • YY: Item targeting
   01: Affects single ally or enemy
   02: Affects enemies or allies only
   04: Affects all allies and enemies
   08: Affects all allies or all enemies
   10: Auto-accept default selection
   20: Multiple selection possible
   40: Enemy selected by default
   80: Random selection among all enemies and allies
  • ZZ: Item equipability
   01: Onscreen character 0 can't equip item
   02: Onscreen character 1 can't equip item
   04: Onscreen character 2 can't equip item
   08: Onscreen character 3 can't equip item

Magic slot = Name (XX/YY/ZZ)

  • XX: Spell availability -> See above
  • YY: Spell aiming -> See above
  • ZZ: Spell cost

Engulf variables

  • $3A8A -> Characters that have been engulfed
  • $3A8D -> Active characters at the beginning of the fight
  • $3EBC -> Bit 7 is set if engulf conditions are met:
  1. At least one character engulfed ($3A8A != 0)
  2. All characters at the beginning of the battle have been engulfed ($3A8A == $3A8D)
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