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#18644623674341759 - Rockman Glitchless WIP2 (last update: 2014-11-09)
Rockman-glitchless-WIP2.fm2 (140kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-11-09 15:32:53 by Bisqwit (3 files)
For NES Mega Man (11 files)
In 02:38.91 [9550 frames], 636 rerecords)
16802 views, 1075 downloads
Glitchless Rockman WIP. Plays until the somewhere in the Elecman stage. Note that it is still uncertain whether it is wise to play Cutman stage before Elecman.


No zipping whatsoever. This means:

  • Not using magnetbeam to cram Megaman into a wall or a ceiling
  • Not grabbing ladder from its top to teleport Megaman 24 pixels up in air
  • Not grabbing ladder from its bottom to teleport Megaman 24 pixels up in ladder
  • Not grabbing ladder horizontally to teleport Megaman horizontally to ladder's center, not even a subpixel faster than if he would walk/jump there
  • Under no circumstances overlappping with solid objects wherein that causes Mega Man to zip horizontally faster than 1.375 pixels per frame. Frozen flames in the Fireman stage also count as solid objects.
Note that because the ladder zipping techniques can trivially happen in casual play, the use of RAM watch is pretty much necessary whenever ladders are grabbed, to verify that zipping does not occur. Any kind of technique that results in Megaman moving faster than he would normally walk / jump /climb in the present environment, is categorically banned.

No pause tricks:

  • No pausing to cancel hurt-animation
  • No pausing to repeat projectile damage to enemies
  • No pausing to move through enemies unharmed

Other assorted glitches:

  • No memory overflow glitches / generating objects that suddenly jump to ending
  • No duplicating the Gutsman-throwable bricks
  • No frame-perfect landing+jumps while ground trembles in Gutsman battles to avoid losing balance. While beginning a jump right before the ground starts trembling and landing after it's done trembling is permitted, landing temporarily while the ground is trembling is not permitted, unless you endure the full stun. Taking damage is a permissible way to avoid the stun.

Tricks that are still used:

  • Luck manipulation
  • Jumping to cancel out standstill-walk delays
  • After shooting in a ladder, jumping (releasing the ladder) and regrabbing, allowing climbing to continue immediately rather than after the shooting delay
  • Pausing to stun enemies in place while Mega Man moves (as long as you're not moving through enemies or bullets, cancelling hurt-animation, or repeating enemy damage); primary purpose is lag reduction
  • Magnet beam can still be used for navigational shortcuts of course, as long as it does not produce zipping phenomena.
  • Terminal-speed falling from a dynamic object (such as a Foot holder or a Magnet beam)

The red line behind these rules is “no abuse of programming oversights”, and “no abuse of design choices that trade perfect behavior in corner cases for code size/performance”.
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