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User movie #20095761534470325

#20095761534470325 - Kirby's Epic Yarn half 3rd level
yarnkirby2.5.dtm (505kB dtm movie [Wii])
Uploaded 2015-01-14 00:00:24 by dekutony (340 files)
For Wii Kirby's Epic Yarn (5 files)
In 05:37.95 [64612 frames], 440 rerecords)
9231 views, 904 downloads

Older version of DTM detected: Run time may be incorrect

Just a backup.

Just for techies (iso info):

Filename: RK5E01

Internal Name: Kirby's Epic Yarn

MD5: ACDBD566BAF471A45A53C8D8C93539A4

SHA-1: 934683F734412386042060F7036D5F3DB20CB53F

CRC32: EB41477E

Version: 1.00

Verified: Yes

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